If you Google “broccoli summer camp,” “kale summer camp,” and “cauliflower summer camp,” you’ll come up empty. You’ll discover summer time recipes for these cruciferous stars, positive, however no weeklong trip occasion devoted to them.

When you search for “bacon summer camp,” against this, you’ll uncover that there’s such a factor. With audio system, cooking tutorials, panel discussions, butchering demos, and even a bacon movie competition, Camp Bacon caters to one of many hottest meals of the previous decade.

And that’s simply the tip of the strip, if you’ll. Someone spent sufficient time and power to determine that 62% of US eating places have bacon on the menu. The common American consumes nearly 18 kilos of bacon per yr – and when you don’t, then somebody out there may be consuming 36 kilos to hold the common up. There’s a National Bacon Day within the US. And bacon has gone from breakfast meat to ubiquitous star ingredient in all the pieces from bacon-wrapped sizzling canines and steaks to desserts like cupcakes and ice cream. And if I haven’t but satisfied you that bacon makes folks extremely irrational, there’s a Seattle firm that sells bacon-scented underwear for males and ladies.

These days, every time an animal-based product turns into massively common, plant-based variations aren’t far behind. Thanks to a rising market, new applied sciences, and social media experimentation, there are actually plant-based bacon alternate options which might be getting nearer and nearer to the unique. According to the web meals ordering firm Grubhub, customers ordered vegan bacon 113% extra in 2019 than the yr earlier than.

And it’s a superb factor, too! Bacon comes from pigs, the overwhelming majority of which (roughly 95%) are raised on manufacturing unit farms, which carry an entire host of moral and environmental issues. And that’s not even mentioning the well being results of bacon, which is a extremely processed meat.

So on this article, we’ll check out vegan bacon: why it may be a significantly better various to the stuff that comes from pigs, how one can make it your self, and recipes that use plant-based bacon.

Benefits of Vegan Bacon

newborn piglet in green grass

When you substitute vegan bacon for conventional bacon, nearly all the pieces will get higher.

Saying No to Animal Cruelty

First of all, vegan bacon doesn’t arrive in your plate with a heaping facet of animal cruelty. In a mean week, greater than 2 million pigs are slaughtered within the US alone, for a tough whole of 129 million deaths per yr. (Globally, the quantity is shut to 1.5 billion.) And every one of these animals are processed into “pork” merchandise — primarily bacon, ham, and sausage.

That’s a number of killing. But numbers don’t inform the entire story. The pig’s lives are arguably extra depressing than their deaths. Female pigs are first impregnated at 7 months of age and stay out their lives in a cycle of being pregnant, delivery, and nursing till they’re ultimately despatched to slaughter. To guarantee fertility, they’re drugged with hormones. Whether being bred or simply raised for slaughter, pigs are stored in confinement, barely in a position to flip round or lie down (sure, the pregnant ones as nicely). They spend their quick lives wallowing in and respiration their very own waste.

And these are extremely sentient and social beings we’re speaking about. Pigs who’re allowed to stay out their lives in farm sanctuaries are playful, affectionate, and extremely smart. In truth, regardless of the stereotypes, pigs are very clear and hygienic creatures by nature.

While natural and pasture-raised pigs unquestionably have higher lives than their factory-farmed friends, many nonetheless stay (and die) in ways in which Wilbur and Babe wouldn’t admire.

When you substitute bacon with vegan bacon, you eradicate all this cruelty fully.

Saying No to Antibiotic Resistance

It’s not simply the pigs who are suffering due to manufacturing unit farming. Pig farmers use, on common, practically 4 occasions as many antibiotics as cattle ranchers, per pound of meat. This is a big public well being downside for people, as misuse of antibiotics contributes to the rise of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” that can not be handled by medicines. Given that we’ve seen how a lot injury a viral pandemic can do, it simply looks like frequent sense not to encourage the event of doubtless disease-causing micro organism. Vegan bacon turns off that spigot.

Saying No to Toxic Waste

Each yr, pig farms produce about 270 million tons of waste within the US alone (billions of tons worldwide) — all of which have to go someplace. The disposal of this waste has poisonous results on staff, native residents, the groundwater provide, air high quality, and the encompassing setting. Think bronchial asthma. Think lagoons brimming with feces and rotting hog carcasses. Think air that stinks so dangerous that individuals get sick from simply respiration exterior air.

And these results are disproportionately visited on marginalized, poor communities. If you may have cash, you may have the means to forestall hog farms from organising store inside sniffing distance from your private home.

Eating vegan bacon is subsequently an act of environmental stewardship and social justice.

Saying No to Carcinogens

You don’t have to stay close to a pig farm to be harmed by bacon. All you may have to do is eat it. A research in The International Journal of Epidemiology discovered even a modest consumption of processed meats similar to bacon was “associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer.”

A British Medical Journal research discovered that consumption of purple meat, each processed and unprocessed, was related to elevated threat of dying from each one of many particular causes of dying they checked out — together with most cancers, coronary heart illness, stroke, and different cerebrovascular ailments, respiratory illness, diabetes, infections, kidney illness, and power liver illness.

In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared purple and processed meat to be carcinogenic. They comprise nitrates and nitrites which might kind nitrosamines, that are carcinogenic in animals, and probably people as nicely.

Saying Yes to Plant-based Nutrition

So far vegan bacon wins simply by not coming from pigs. But relying on the elements, plant-based bacon may really be good for you. Healthy plant meals may be wealthy sources of fiber and of important nutritional vitamins and minerals, together with protein, calcium, antioxidants, and different phytonutrients. These can assist forestall many power ailments.

How to Make Vegan Bacon

vegan bacon bits on plate

There are extra and extra vegan bacon merchandise for sale in shops, and a few of them style remarkably good. But lots of them are extremely processed meals. Plus, they have an inclination to be excessive in saturated fats (from coconut or palm oil), very excessive in sodium, and they will get greater than somewhat costly. With somewhat know-how (see beneath!) you may make your individual vegan bacon – saving cash and doing a superb flip for your well being on the similar time.

Since vegan bacon is such a winner for animals, the setting, and human well being and wellbeing, it’s actually essential that it tastes good. That manner, extra folks shall be prepared to change, and not be seduced by the “but… bacon!” lure as they contemplate shifting away from an animal-centric food regimen.

The Essence of Vegan Bacon Taste

So now let’s suppose like foodies. Vegan bacon ought to retain the salty, candy, fatty, and smoky notes, and mushy chewy texture, sometimes related to bacon. Because it’s a smoked meat, it’s essential to spotlight the smokiness in no matter you’re making. Luckily, that smoke taste is a operate of smoke, not meat, so you possibly can obtain it in a few methods.

First, there’s liquid smoke — simply a few drops can pack a punch, so that you don’t want to use rather a lot. Second, smoked paprika is a spice which you can add to the seasoning. Third, you possibly can grill your vegan bacon the identical manner animal-based bacon is grilled, with wooden smoke permeating the “meat.”

When you’re making vegan bacon, if you’d like to compete with the standard bacon on the flavour entrance – this in all probability isn’t the time to go low-fat. Because conventional bacon comes from a number of the fattiest elements of a pig, plant-based meals that comprise some fats will produce the most effective bacon-like flavors. Higher-fat plant meals may guarantee a texture that’s comparatively crispy with out getting burnt, and that additionally permits for somewhat little bit of chewiness and flexibility. And having some fats permits for the vegan bacon to be baked or air-fried, in addition to (if it’s your factor) fried in a pan with oil.

Putting Together the Basics of Vegan Bacon

You’ll discover a few of our favourite vegan bacon recipes later on this article. But earlier than we get out the purchasing lists and the measuring spoons, let’s speak concerning the rules and steps that may set you up for success.

  1. Determine what texture you want. For crispy, choose thinly sliced carrot, coconut flakes, eggplant, banana peel (sure, severely – extra on that beneath) or strips of rice paper. For chewy, choose thinly sliced tofu, tempeh, or seitan. If you may have a mandoline readily available, you should utilize it to thinly slice carrots and eggplant, which helps create a crispy texture.
  2. Make your marinade: To make a bacon-flavored marinade you’ll positively need to embrace both smoked paprika or liquid smoke for that smoky taste (until you intend to grill it utilizing wooden smoke). We love a mix of reduced-sodium natural tamari with a contact of maple syrup and liquid smoke plus some seasoning like onion powder, garlic powder, and smoked paprika. See the recipes beneath for a number of marinade choices.
  3. Soak your plant “bacon” of alternative in its marinade for no less than 20 minutes. If you intend forward, marinating any of the plant-based choices above in a single day helps to focus the flavors.
  4. Bake, grill, or air-fry. The cooking time can range relying on the chosen merchandise and mode of cooking. For instance, carrot bacon takes solely 5 minutes to cook dinner within the Air Fryer, however 20 minutes within the oven, whereas mushrooms can take up to 30 minutes within the oven.

Foods You Can Make Vegan Bacon With

fried tempeh triangles

This is a quickly rising record, thanks to energetic experimenters, vegan bloggers, and cookbook authors.


When we consider high-fat vegan elements, coconuts come to thoughts, and they make a superb bacon substrate. While there’s an enormous debate about whether or not coconut is sweet or dangerous for you, that debate facilities largely round coconut oil, which isn’t an entire meals. Fresh or dried coconut flesh is an entire totally different factor — and many wholesome cultures embrace these meals as dietary staples.

And bear in mind, we’re speaking about vegan bacon right here. No matter the way you make it, this could not develop into considered one of your new meals teams. With the salt, sweetness, and fats required to make your bacon style good, these will all the time be “treat” meals slightly than central elements of your food regimen.


These blocks are product of fermented entire soybeans and are one of many healthiest methods to get pleasure from this very wholesome legume. You can flip tempeh into bacon by slicing it skinny and marinating it in a candy and salty marinade. See our recipe beneath for straightforward and scrumptious tempeh bacon.


They don’t have a lot fats, however they do have a beautiful sweetness and a surprisingly accommodating texture. You can get lengthy strips of the appropriate dimensions with a vegetable peeler and somewhat follow. And carrots are proper up there with the world’s healthiest veggies! In our recipe beneath, the fats comes from the tahini within the marinade.

Rice paper

Popular in Vietnamese cooking, these spherical discs are dampened to make them versatile, and typically kind the outside of veggie rolls. The trick to making them into bacon is to minimize them into strips whereas nonetheless dry and brittle, then wetting the strips so that they stick collectively. Add marinade, air-fry, and voila.

Rice paper will not be the most suitable choice from a well being perspective, as they’re a processed meals created from rice flour. Also, rice from many elements of the world tends to be excessive in arsenic, so that you probably don’t need to overdo this bacon ingredient.


This plant-based meat various is created from wheat gluten, the protein that, like its title suggests, glues wheat flour collectively when blended with liquid. Once blended and cooked, seitan has a texture very very like cooked rooster or pork and may be sliced thinly to approximate bacon. It can also take up flavors very nicely, so a superb marinade goes a good distance right here.

If you’re allergic or delicate to gluten, it is smart to keep away from seitan. But for many people, the gluten present in entire grains may very well present a internet dietary profit. So regardless of what you could have heard, most individuals have little cause to worry meals containing gluten.


Like its cousin tempeh, tofu comes from soybeans. In this case, they’re processed, and not an entire meals. Still, in contrast with the meat that it replaces, tofu could be very wholesome. The finest tofu for bacon can have a low water content material, which typically means you need agency or further agency tofu. You can squeeze water out by wrapping the tofu block in a towel and putting a weight on high of it.

Pro tip: To create a remarkably spongy base that’s prepared to take up scrumptious flavors: drain, freeze, then thaw agency tofu within the fridge earlier than squeezing out extra water and making ready it for your dish.


Technically not crops, mushrooms can however be extremely good for you. And mushrooms have a bonus within the bacon division due to their pure chewiness and umami taste profile. Check out the mushroom bacon “topper” recipe beneath.

Banana Peel

Yes, you learn that proper. It seems that banana peels themselves are extremely nutritious. They’re wealthy in vitamins like potassium, fiber, important amino acids, polyunsaturated fat, and antioxidants. And they will make a imply vegan bacon, with the additional benefit of getting a bunch of bananas to eat as nicely. Just be sure to get natural bananas when you’re planning on consuming the peels as a result of in any other case, you can be going through a nasty dose of pesticides.


Another chewy veggie, eggplant can slice skinny and accepts the flavour of no matter marinade it meets. You can bake or air fry eggplant into versatile and crunchy bacon-like strips.

How to Use Vegan Bacon

Now that you just’re accustomed to the methods to make vegan bacon, let’s speak about how to get pleasure from it. Here are just a few options. They aren’t meant to be exhaustive however are supposed to stir your individual creativity. After all, if folks on the market are placing pork bacon into cupcakes, you ought to be in a position to consider some “out-there” makes use of of your individual for vegan bacon!

  • Bacon bits – as a topping on salads or over chili or baked potatoes (or candy potatoes)
  • With breakfast (in a chickpea omelet)
  • In sandwiches and wraps
  • Mixed right into a veggie facet dish (for instance, roasted Brussels sprouts or inexperienced beans)
  • As a plant-based pizza topping
  • In a pasta dish
  • In stuffed greens like peppers or cabbage
  • In savory pies or hand pies

And Now… The Recipes

If lacking the smoky taste and crunchy texture of conventional bacon is what’s holding you again from going plant-based, then cease what you’re doing and begin creating. Smoky Crisp Carrot Bacon offers tons of crunch and is scrumptious by itself as a snack, alongside a tofu scramble or in a sandwich as a “BLT.”

While Tempeh Bacon isn’t as crunchy, it’s positively simply as tasty, plus it offers loads of plant-based protein, prebiotic fiber, and a lot of phytonutrients that conventional bacon doesn’t present.

The Mushroom Bacon “Topper” is only one instance of the flexibility that edible fungi supply. Add it to salads, on avocado toast, or on high of pasta.

Finally, Shiitake Bacon blended with kale, edamame and pepitas may be considered one of our favourite mixtures of all time. Enjoy it realizing that you just’re giving a lot goodness to each your physique and the planet.

1. Tempeh Bacon

tempeh bacon

This environmentally pleasant, protein-rich, and fiber-filled vegan “bacon” is savory, smoky, and satisfying. The trick for getting tempeh to take up the entire scrumptious marinade flavors is to steam or boil it first, for about 15 minutes, which softens the tempeh, permitting the marinade to absolutely take up. Make a tempeh “BLT” (or “TBLT”) sandwich, add to grain bowls, crumble into salads, get pleasure from alongside a tofu breakfast scramble, or eat all of it by itself as a snack!

2. Smoky Crisp Carrot Bacon

smoky crisp carrot bacon on plate

Crispy, smoky, and nutritious! That describes carrot bacon — it has the crunch and taste but not one of the environmental impacts of conventional bacon (bonus factors if the carrots are coming straight out of your very personal backyard!). This dish is a enjoyable, easy, and scrumptious manner to use carrots in your kitchen.

three. Mushroom Bacon “Topper”

mushroom bacon topper with salad in bowl

Thinly sliced shiitake mushrooms baked in a smoky marinade remodel right into a tasty “bacon” that’s fabulous on pasta, salads, and extra. Plus, not like conventional bacon, shiitake mushrooms are low in energy and filled with diet — offering nutritional vitamins, minerals, and different health-promoting compounds.

four. Warm Kale Edamame Salad with Shiitake Bacon and Toasted Pepitas

warm kale edamame salad with shiitake bacon

Adding vegan bacon to your salad can elevate it from easy and satisfying to wow! Shiitake bacon is bursting with taste and enhances the kale and edamame completely for a light-weight, however oh-so-satisfying meal. Not to point out all of them convey plant-powered vitamins which might be therapeutic and nourishing to us in addition to the planet.

5. Carrot Bacon “BLT”

carrot bacon blt

This tasty tackle a “BLT” has all the flavour, crunch, AND diet with out the environmental impression of conventional bacon. What’s extra, it’s so easy! Pile it excessive with lettuce and tomato or add your individual spin by including different veggies like radish, sprouts, or sliced roasted beets. Make it your individual and know that you just’re doing all your physique, and the planet, a number of good.

Bring Home the (Plant-Based) Bacon

woman holding grocery bag and carrots
iStock.com/Elisaveta Ivanova

Bacon is massively common, however it comes with a heaping facet of animal cruelty, dangerous environmental results, and well being issues. Luckily, you possibly can nonetheless get pleasure from related versatility and deliciousness with vegan and plant-based variations. There are many plant-based meals which you can flip into bacon alternate options. So have enjoyable and benefit from the recipes!

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