In 1946, Liberty Films launched (to a lot fanfare) a film that price over $2 million to make, and it went nowhere. It was so unpopular that it not solely failed to flip a revenue, it truly bankrupted the studio and ended the director’s profession. In different phrases, yuck! Probably good riddance, and there’s no purpose you need to ever give this ill-fated movie a re-evaluation if it by some means reveals up in your TV or streaming service this vacation season.

Except…the identify of that field workplace bomb was It’s a Wonderful Life, it starred Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, and it was directed by Frank Capra. It’s now one of the preferred and beloved movies of all time.

Why was it so unsuccessful in its day? Apparently, the final word (spoiler alert) comfortable ending wasn’t sufficient to offset all of the darkish themes and scenes main up to it. Audiences, exhausted by 5 years of struggle, wished lighter fare. Given time and perspective, although, they grew to adore Stewart’s George Bailey, Reed’s Mary Hatch, and particularly Henry Travers’ cute aspiring angel Clarence.

So, hear me out — if we will overcome our collective aversion to It’s a Wonderful Life, certainly we will additionally turn out to be followers of one thing else that will not have appealed to us in earlier days: Brussels sprouts.

Brussels Sprouts Are Divisive

Let’s face it, Brussels sprouts are divisive little veggies. If you’ve tried them, you in all probability both love them or hate them already. If you’re new to Brussels sprouts, you might be hesitant as a result of of the dangerous press you’ve run into. Their repute might not have a lot to do with their taste (not to mention their dietary properties), however could also be principally based mostly on their robust odor when cooked, or presumably the truth that they’re typically served as over-boiled mush.

But, like Capra’s basic story of redemption, Brussels sprouts have made a giant comeback. These days they’re lighting up the culinary world, with oodles of on-line recipes and demos exhibiting us how to get them excellent. For earlier generations who grew up uncovered to mushy, smelly Brussels sprouts, this explicit redemption story should appear notably miraculous.

If you’re within the “don’t like them” or “haven’t really tried them” group, we hope to change your thoughts and enable you turn out to be a raving fan! If you’re already a Brussels sprouts buff, we intention to load you up with persuasive data and scrumptious recipes to sway the naysayers in your life. In this text, we’ll have a look at the vitamin and well being advantages Brussels sprouts have to provide, talk about a number of potential downsides, and discover the various methods you may put together and use them to create scrumptious meals.

Are Brussels Sprouts Really From Brussels?

Brussels sprouts don’t develop within the wild and aren’t native to the United States, so the place did they arrive from?

Unlike french fries, Moscow Mules, and Spanish flu, Brussels sprouts did the truth is originate someplace within the neighborhood of the area that bears their identify. Brussels sprouts have been grown in Belgium for the reason that 13th century, and, beginning within the 16th century, unfold from there to different nations in Europe. The French did the PR work, coining the identify for the tiny cabbage-looking and -tasting veggies.

In addition to naming the vegetable, the French additionally launched Brussels sprouts to Louisiana in 1800, from the place they unfold all through the US.

Today, we all know Brussels sprouts as spherical little inexperienced veggies nearly like miniature heads of cabbage that develop in teams on a thick stalk. You can usually buy them (nonetheless on the stalk, or eliminated and unfastened or in a bag) from many shops and farmers’ markets.

Interestingly, Brussels sprouts and different cruciferous veggies — together with broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, bok choy, arugula, collards, watercress, radishes, kohlrabi, and mustard greens — are literally all the identical species: Brassica Oleracea, of the mustard plant household. Botanists and growers have bred this primordial brassica into dozens of totally different varieties over lots of of years. It’s the lateral leaf buds of this plant that turned what we all know because the Brussels sprouts cultivar.

Brussels Sprouts Nutrition

Brussels sprouts could also be tiny, however they’re massive on vitamin. These little veggies are excessive in potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin A, and vitamin K1. They’re additionally a very good supply of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium. What’s extra, in a single cup of Brussels sprouts you’ll discover solely 38 energy, however a strong three grams of protein and three.5 grams of fiber.

They additionally include compounds known as glucosinolates. These are potent precursors to the highly effective antioxidant sulforaphane, that are in broccoli and different Brassica greens, too. Sulforaphane is a rare nutrient with uniquely highly effective anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, anticancer, and antimicrobial properties.

Cruciferous greens, generally, are good sources of phenolic compounds, flavonoids, and carotenoids. These are all science-y phrases for potent compounds present in plant meals, all of which provide a bunch of well being advantages.

The approach you prepare dinner your Brussels sprouts seems to affect how a lot of these vitamins you’ll truly get. Studies have discovered that boiling reduces the extent of phenolic compounds and different antioxidants essentially the most (but another excuse to reject the “boil until they’re the consistency of applesauce” approach you could have grown up with).

Benefits of Brussels Sprouts

Many of the well being advantages that Brussels sprouts have to provide are thanks to the highly effective plant compounds they include. Below are some of the health-related causes that you could be need to think about including them to your food plan.

1. They might assist scale back your danger of coronary heart illness.

Brussels sprouts are wealthy in fiber, a nutrient identified to profit your coronary heart well being by reducing excessive LDL levels of cholesterol and stopping plaque build-up that may lead to a coronary heart assault or stroke.

As members of the cruciferous vegetable household, they could additionally profit your circulatory system. In truth, a food plan excessive in cruciferous greens has been discovered to be inversely related to the thickness of the carotid artery, which has to do with how a lot plaque build-up there’s (and subsequently with the danger of coronary heart illness).

One 2021 research revealed within the British Journal of Nutrition supplied a meals frequency questionnaire to 684 older girls so as to see if there was a relationship between cruciferous vegetable consumption and calcification within the belly aorta (the tip of the biggest blood vessel that carries blood away from the guts).

After adjusting for different way of life, dietary, and coronary heart illness danger elements, the researchers discovered that the ladies who had the very best consumption (no less than 44 grams per day) of cruciferous greens together with Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli had a 46% decrease danger of in depth calcification within the belly aorta.  Remarkably, this constructive affiliation was not noticed for whole vegetable consumption, strengthening the case for consuming extra cruciferous veggies specifically to enhance coronary heart well being outcomes.

2. They might provide anticancer advantages.

Sulforaphane is thought to have robust anticancer properties. While the mechanisms of motion are nonetheless being researched, one speculation is that sulforaphane truly inhibits particular enzymes which are concerned in activating most cancers cells. Eating Brussels sprouts is a good way to get this compound into your physique.

A 2002 research revealed within the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology appeared on the results of Brussels sprout juice on broken DNA in human liver cells inside a check tube setting. The authors discovered that Brussels sprout juice was extremely protecting in opposition to DNA injury and provided chemoprotective advantages. (Hollywood studio moguls studying this, right here’s a pitch: Jeff Goldblum eats Brussels sprouts earlier than moving into the teleportation machine with that fly and comes out completely unchanged. On second thought, perhaps not.)

three. They might help wholesome weight reduction.

Research means that isothiocyanate compounds in Brussels sprouts goal fats cells and will assist scale back weight problems. In a 2018 animal research, researchers discovered that when these compounds have been fed to mice on a high-fat food plan, they helped scale back physique weight, accumulation of fats droplets within the liver, and fats cell dimension. (For reference, our view on the use of animals in medical analysis is right here.)

In one other animal research utilizing high-fat-, high-sucrose-fed overweight mice (on this case, ethically questionable animal testing meant feeding mice like many people feed themselves), researchers examined the connection between sulforaphane and leptin responsiveness. Leptin is a “hunger hormone” that tells us to scale back meals consumption and enhance vitality expenditure, stopping weight achieve. In the research, the authors discovered that remedy with sulforaphane together with a leptin injection resulted in vital decreases in meals consumption and weight achieve. Overall, they concluded that sulforaphane might assist enhance leptin responsiveness in diet-induced weight problems.

four. They might assist defend your mind.

The compounds in Brussels sprouts additionally seem to defend in opposition to central nervous system illnesses by activating what’s known as the “nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor pathway” (you want a reasonably sharp mind simply to learn that), which is concerned in activating brain-protective enzymes. Furthermore, sulforaphane seems to act on different pathways that increase the longevity of mind cells and assist stop neurodegeneration.

Brussels sprouts include compounds that assist defend in opposition to oxidative stress-induced injury within the mind. Specifically, a connection exists between the buildup of amyloid-beta within the mind and the development of neurodegenerative illness processes like Alzheimer’s dementia. A 2013 research performed on mice discovered that the antioxidant kaempferol extracted from Brussels sprouts — helped to defend the brains of the mice in opposition to the buildup of amyloid beta toxicity.

5. They might have anti-inflammatory advantages.

It’s not stunning that with all of these different disease-fighting properties, Brussels sprouts may additionally provide advantages when it comes to irritation within the physique (which is commonly an underlying consider many continual illnesses). For instance, isothiocyanate from cruciferous greens can suppress the expression of inflammatory markers in mammals and may downregulate irritation in check tube research.

In a 2015 research revealed within the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, researchers evaluated the affiliation of vegetable consumption with inflammatory and oxidative stress markers amongst 1,005 Chinese girls. The authors discovered that a increased consumption of cruciferous greens — together with Brussels sprouts — was related to decrease circulating ranges of inflammatory markers within the girls’s blood.

Downsides of Eating Brussels Sprouts

While Brussels sprouts have loads of good issues to provide, there may additionally be a number of downsides to think about in the event that they’re new to you.


First of all, consuming them might trigger you to expertise extra gasoline than standard. The essential purpose for that is that Brussels sprouts include raffinose, an indigestible oligosaccharide that may be a bit of a problem on your digestive system if you happen to’re not used to it. They’re additionally excessive in fiber, which, when mixed with raffinose, generally is a double whammy for individuals who is probably not used to consuming a lot of it. Still, these compounds have a useful impact on the micro organism in your intestine, and raffinose is definitely really useful to assist stop digestive cancers — so suppose of Brussels sprouts like weightlifting on your intestine. Start mild and gradual, then construct up as you get stronger.

Brussels sprouts are additionally excessive in organosulfur compounds. These are what give them that sulfurous scent, which generally interprets to the scent of handed gasoline after consuming them (in addition to different cruciferous veggies). The finest methods listed here are to chew effectively, eat slowly, and hang around with different individuals who have simply eaten the identical factor for believable deniability.

Drug Interactions

If you’re taking blood-thinning medicines it could be a good suggestion to converse together with your physician earlier than including Brussels sprouts to your food plan, simply to be sure there aren’t any interactions to think about. For occasion, one older research confirmed that consuming 400 grams — or roughly four cups (which is loads, by the way in which!) — of Brussels sprouts each day brought on an interplay with the blood-thinning drug Warfarin, inflicting it to work much less effectively.


People who’ve thyroid issues might want to prepare dinner Brussels sprouts and different cruciferous greens earlier than consuming them (slightly than juicing them or in any other case consuming them uncooked). This is as a result of they include compounds known as goitrogens that may intervene with iodine uptake and thyroid hormone manufacturing, and cooking cruciferous greens lessens these goitrogenic properties.

For most people who find themselves getting sufficient iodine and selenium, that is unlikely to be an issue. To reduce your danger of having any issues with goitrogens in Brussels sprouts and different cruciferous greens, although, you may make certain they don’t monopolize your food plan, eat them extra typically cooked than uncooked, and eat a spread of different wholesome entire plant meals as well as to the brassicas.


The FDA’s most up-to-date pesticide report signifies that 26 of the 31 samples of Brussels sprouts they examined had pesticide residues current. It’s not clear precisely which pesticides have been used on them, however they have been possible comparable to these used on cabbage (given their near-identical taxonomy). Conventionally grown cabbage is uncovered to 11 generally used pesticides together with neurotoxins, carcinogens, suspected hormone disruptors, and reproductive toxins, in addition to compounds which are poisonous to honeybees. So, it’s preferrred to purchase natural every time doable — or to develop your individual. If you do buy conventionally grown Brussels sprouts, ensure to wash them completely to assist take away undesirable residues.

Choosing & Storing Brussels Sprouts

stalks of brussel sprouts

High-quality Brussels sprouts are about one inch (2.5 centimeters) in diameter or barely bigger. They are agency with inexperienced outer leaves and a white reduce finish. They might be discovered frozen year-round, and are often obtainable recent and in season throughout the fall and winter months.

You’ll discover recent Brussels sprouts unfastened, in luggage, or nonetheless hooked up to their stalks. Look for them within the produce or frozen part of your grocery retailer. You may additionally discover them at farmers markets, in CSA (community-supported agriculture) shares, or at native U-pick farms in the event that they’re grown in your space.

If you buy them recent, Brussels sprouts must be saved within the fridge to keep their freshness for so long as doable. They’re delicate to ethylene gasoline, which might make them degrade sooner, so ensure not to retailer them close to ethylene-producing meals like apples, bananas, and tomatoes. (Cinematic sequel: “Attack of the Ripening Tomatoes” — like the unique, simply much less gory. Anyone?)

In the fridge, you may retailer Brussels sprouts for per week to 10 days. If they’re unfastened, it’s finest to place them in a reusable produce bag and hold them within the crisper drawer. If you don’t plan to use your Brussels sprouts immediately, although, it’s your decision to go for the type that’s nonetheless on the stalk, as these have a tendency to keep recent for longer. Break off sprouts from the stalk if you’re prepared to eat them.

Best Ways to Prepare Them

brussels sprouts

Like many cruciferous greens, Brussels sprouts can style bitter to some individuals — however that is in the end all about the way you put together them. The cooking methodology, seasoning, and meals you pair with them could make or break your Brussels sprouts expertise.

Cooking Methods

Here are some of the preferred methods to prepare dinner Brussels sprouts, together with ideas for finest outcomes.

  • Roasting: Cut your Brussels sprouts in half and unfold them out on a baking sheet. Here, toss them with a liquid and a seasoning of your selection. This could be water, vinegar, soy sauce, lemon juice, or vegetable inventory together with salt, pepper, and herbs or spices. Be certain they’re unfold evenly on the baking sheet in order not to overlap with each other. Then, roast them within the oven at 425°F for round 20–25 minutes. Check on them midway by way of — by which I imply give them a delicate shuffle, as opposed to asking, “Comment allez-vous?” The outer leaves must be crispy and lightweight brown, however not charred.
  • Air-Frying: If you’re utilizing an air fryer, area your Brussels sprouts out within the basket — by which I imply keep away from overcrowding them, as opposed to enjoying meditative digital music. Set the time and temperature, or select a preset setting to prepare dinner them. A great place to begin is 350°F for 15–18 minutes. Shake, toss, or flip your sprouts midway by way of to prepare dinner them evenly and stop sticking and burning. Once executed, they need to come out browned, crispy, and tender inside.
  • Steamed: To steam Brussels sprouts with out overcooking them, begin by bringing an inch of water to a boil within the backside of a pot you may match a steamer basket into. Place your trimmed and cleaned sprouts within the basket, set over the boiling water, cowl, and steam till tender to the chunk (this could take about 5 minutes). Be certain not to go away them for much longer in order not to make them mushy. You can check one with a fork; if you stab it and really feel little resistance, take your sprouts off the warmth and serve.
  • Sauteed: Heat your skillet and add a small quantity of liquid (like vegetable broth or water if you happen to’re oil-free). Add your Brussels sprouts and prepare dinner, stirring typically to stop sticking and promote even heating.

What Foods and Flavors Go Well With Brussels Sprouts?

autumn vitamin ingredients on the table cooking salad lunch or dinner healthy food

Brussels sprouts can have a pointy, bitter style when uncooked or undercooked. Pair ready sprouts with candy, nutty, and smoky notes.

Some really useful pairings embrace:

  • Herbs and spices: salt, pepper, paprika, thyme, parsley, pink pepper flakes
  • Other veggies: garlic, onions, candy potatoes
  • Fruits: pomegranate arils, dried cranberries, apples, pears
  • Nuts and seeds: walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, sunflower seeds
  • Liquids and sauces: balsamic or apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, soy sauce, veggie inventory, tamari, maple syrup, date syrup, molasses, vegan aioli, tahini

While these combos are a very good beginning place, you may experiment with these and different substances to discover strategies and recipes that you just love.

Ways to Use Brussels Sprouts in Meals

healthy vegan Christmas side pasta bowl

There are loads of methods to take pleasure in Brussels sprouts that don’t have to contain making them smelly and mushy. Some of our crew’s favourite methods to take pleasure in them embrace:

  • Roasted, steamed, or sauteed as a aspect dish for absolutely anything.
  • As an appetizer, served with a dipping sauce.
  • Raw and shredded in a salad such as you may use pink cabbage.
  • In a stir-fry with different veggies, tofu, and a savory sauce.
  • In pasta dishes and casseroles for added texture and taste.
  • Shredded on prime of pizza.
  • In grain bowls.
  • With a breakfast hash.

Brussels Sprouts Recipes

Are you prepared to uncover — or share — your love for Brussels sprouts? Consider making an attempt and serving them in a spread of other ways. For instance, generally altering the model of reduce from sliced to shaved — mainly, altering the feel — can affect how a lot you want them. Or, maybe you don’t take pleasure in them uncooked. That doesn’t imply you (or your dinner company) received’t love them roasted! The recipes under provides you with an opportunity to experiment with flavors, textures, and preparation.

1. Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potato Salad

This salad options Brussels sprouts, pecans, pink onion, and pear, which means it’s full of taste, texture, and vitamin. Roasting Brussels sprouts brings out a bit of sweetness and modifications their texture from robust to tender. When you pair them with candy potato, wild rice, and a creamy orange dressing, you find yourself with a decidedly scrumptious and satisfying salad!

2. Brussels Sprouts and Pear Slaw With Turmeric Tahini Dressing

Brussels sprouts is probably not everybody’s favourite, so we encourage you to strive them in a spread of methods. Simply altering the way in which they’re reduce or cooked can flip you from a loather to a lover. When Brussels sprouts are shaved right into a slaw then mixed with candy pear, they’re particularly scrumptious. Enjoy this slaw by itself, on prime of a veggie burger, or in a grain bowl.

three. Boiled Brussels Sprouts With Spicy Mustard Dipping Sauce

These Brussels sprouts act because the (nutritious) car for the creamy, tempting sauce. If you don’t love uncooked Brussels sprouts as a result of of their bitterness, boiling or steaming them can considerably scale back that depth. Though you’ll lose some vitamins by way of the cooking course of, it’s nonetheless value a strive. You may even discover that this offers you your breakthrough Brussels sprouts expertise.

Give Brussels Sprouts a Chance

Brussels sprouts are extremely nutritious and have loads of well being advantages, particularly as a result of they’re an ample supply of the glucoraphanin that your physique makes use of to make sulforaphane. A small subset of individuals might expertise downsides like gasoline, however for the overwhelming majority they could be a health-promoting half of a balanced food plan. To get your Brussels sprouts tasting (and smelling) their finest, strive totally different cooking strategies and experiment with seasonings, flavors, textures, and meals pairings. After studying this text, we hope you’ll give Brussels sprouts one other strive if you happen to weren’t a fan — and if you happen to already have been, please share your favourite approach to make them under! Remember, each time you prepare dinner Brussels sprouts effectively, an angel will get a brand new apron.

Tell us within the feedback:

  • What has been your feeling about Brussels sprouts up to this level? Has that modified in any respect after studying this text?
  • If you already eat Brussels sprouts, what’s your favourite approach to put together them?
  • What different Brassica greens do you take pleasure in?

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