Jessica Bippen, MS, RD, whips up a tasty avocado chocolate mousse recipe. It’s good for any event, from impressing your S/O for a romantic evening in to satisfying a weekday craving.

Ever have these days whenever you simply want chocolate? Us too! For instance, if it’s that point of the month, a romantic date evening, or only a random weekday craving, it’s completely pure to crave one thing wealthy and candy. However, subsequent time your chocolate craving hits, delay reaching for the primary brownie you see. Instead, head to the kitchen to make this wholesome chocolate avocado mousse. Your physique (and tastebuds) will thanks!

Wait… avocados and chocolate?

You’re most likely pondering, avocados and chocolate… actually? Yes, actually! If you’ve by no means had avocado chocolate mousse, the mixture most likely isn’t the primary that involves thoughts when daydreaming about scrumptious dessert. But if beans can flip into brownies and cauliflower can create pizza crust, belief that avocados can mix into chocolate mousse.

First, avocados provide a impartial style. Second, they’ve a luscious, creamy texture, making the right base for a silky easy mousse. Simply combine the avocados collectively with honey and cocoa powder, and the outcomes will shock you. The substances magically rework right into a wealthy chocolate mousse that you just’d by no means guess is wholesome!

Avocado Nutritional Value

Consider avocados an on a regular basis superfood. They’re loaded with wholesome monounsaturated fat, fiber, antioxidants, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. Your physique wants these important elements to thrive. Here’s why.

Healthy Fats

Your pores and skin wants wholesome fat! For occasion, wholesome fat contribute to hydrated pores and skin and easy, glowing texture. Additionally, these wholesome fat are proven to profit your coronary heart.


One avocado packs 14 grams of fiber. A high-fiber food regimen helps increase your metabolism, helps digestion, and helps scale back the chance of quite a few well being situations.

Antioxidants + Nutrients

In addition to wholesome fat and fiber, avocados comprise a wealth of antioxidants, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. Specifically, glutathione (an antioxidant present in avocados) helps help liver well being and your pure detoxing pathway.

The excessive quantities of vitamin Ok, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and potassium assist help wholesome pores and skin and hair, plus optimum mobile operate.

So whether or not you eat your avocado on toast or make this avocado chocolate mousse, avocados deserve a spot in your every day food regimen. Simply put, consuming them makes for a straightforward and scrumptious technique to optimize your well being!

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