Amid all of the eating regimen wars and conflicting claims, there’s one class of meals that (virtually) everybody agrees is a dietary winner: leafy greens. Beloved by vegans (“Fiber!”) and ketovores (“Low-carb!”), leafy greens give us a large heap of vitamins in a really low-calorie bundle. Eating leafy greens is related to a decrease threat of heart problems, hypertension, sort 2 diabetes, most cancers, and dementia.

So, in idea, we’re all consuming our leafy greens every single day, and we dwell fortunately ever after. In follow, after all, that’s not what’s happening. Many folks, particularly these of us whose childhood greens have been restricted to iceberg lettuce and canned spinach, get overwhelmed by the challenges of holding ourselves and our households in green-land.

In this text, your intrepid correspondent will sort out the hardest points confronted by folks making an attempt to improve their leafy inexperienced consumption. These embody:

  • Which sorts of leafy greens ought to I be consuming?
  • What ought to I search for when purchasing for them?
  • How do I wash and dry them to take away filth, pesticides, and micro organism?
  • How do I retailer them to forestall spoilage and wilting?
  • How do I put together them, so that they style good and truly get eaten, as a substitute of winding up within the rubbish disposal, compost bucket, or trash?
  • Which ones ought to I eat uncooked, and which of them ought to I prepare dinner?
  • And what can I do with them moreover make a salad?

In only a few minutes, you’ll be prepared to ace the Leafy Greens section subsequent time you’re a contestant on Jeopardy!

What are Leafy Greens?

woman cutting leafy vegetable with pruning shears

A leaf is a flat, skinny plant organ liable for photosynthesis (a technical time period for a frankly underappreciated magic trick by means of which crops convert daylight into chemical power). A leafy inexperienced, for our functions, is any such leaf that people discover edible. This is necessary, as not all plant leaves are edible. Potato leaves, for instance, are chock filled with solanine, an alkaloid that can reward anybody who consumes it with signs starting from nausea and vomiting to shortness of breath and demise. And there’s a spirited debate on-line about whether or not consuming younger poison ivy leaves can inoculate you towards rashes, or whether or not you’re simply risking a nasty case of indigestion (or worse!) for nothing.

For this dialogue, l need to give attention to the superbly edible leafy greens you may develop in your yard or discover at your native grocery retailer or farmers market. There are a number of sorts, together with the leafy crops like lettuce and kale, by which every thing above the roots is a leaf. There are additionally crops with edible leaves as well as to different edible components; radishes and beets, for instance.

As the identify suggests, greens are usually inexperienced, though some varieties are available in different colours, for instance, purple kale and purple chard. As with different crops, their shade scheme tells us lots about their dietary profile. Regardless of particular person variations, generally, leafy greens are excessive in antioxidants, nutritional vitamins, and minerals, in addition to being a very good supply of fiber.

Types of Leafy Greens

Types of different leafy greens Barraud

We can place every of the edible leafy greens into one in all six classes, as follows:

Cruciferous Greens

These greens from the cruciferous, or brassica household of greens, are wealthy sources of wonderful organosulfur compounds, together with the breakout star, sulforaphane. Ongoing analysis means that sulforaphane is without doubt one of the most potent anticancer vitamins ever studied. Cruciferous greens embody arugula, kale, bok choy, cabbage, collard greens, and extra.

Taproot Greens

Certain root greens include an exquisite dietary bonus: their leafy tops. These embody radish greens, beet greens, carrot tops, celeriac greens, and turnip greens, amongst many others.

Lettuce Greens

The lettuce household is probably the one we most affiliate with raw leafy greens. In the final couple of a long time, westerners have found many sorts apart from iceberg and romaine, together with butterhead, purple leaf, inexperienced leaf, Bibb, Boston, and oak.

Chicory Family Greens

This household consists of lettuce’s artsy and temperamental cousins, each heartier and extra bitter than most lettuce varieties. Actually, a part of the dandelion department of the sunflower household, probably the most generally consumed chicory greens embody endive (which you’ll be able to pronounce “enn-dive” or “on-deev,” relying on whether or not you need to sound downhome or fancy), and frisee, which you pronounce “free-zay,” and by no means “frisbee.”

Amaranth Family Greens

Amaranth is a well-liked perennial plant, kinds of that are grown both for his or her pseudocereal grains, ornamentally for his or her brightly-colored, catkin-like flowers, and for his or her inexperienced leaves. Greens from crops within the amaranth household embody amaranth greens, spinach, and Swiss chard.

Herb Greens

When you concentrate on it, the principle distinction between a spicy lettuce and a gentle parsley, culinarily talking, is quantity. Lettuce fills our plate, whereas parsley garnishes it. But all these inexperienced herbs are leafy greens and pack a few of the strongest dietary profiles into their intensely flavored leaves. In addition to parsley, a few of the commonest embody basil, oregano, cilantro, thyme, and rosemary.

Washing & Storing Leafy Greens

woman washing greens Sanchez

The factor about crops is that, principally, they develop in filth. If you purchase greens that aren’t pre-washed, you’ll most likely need to wash them to take away filth and even little bugs (who get pleasure from greens as a lot as we do). And some greens are contaminated with invisible pesticide residues as effectively. Spinach and kale are two of the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” — crops that ought to be organically sourced, if in any respect potential. Even organically licensed produce can comprise pesticides, whether or not from neighboring farms or as a result of sure “less problematic” pesticides are licensed natural. So it’s a very good follow to wash all contemporary greens prior to consuming or storing them.

While plain water will take away filth and a few pesticides, you’ll need a extra highly effective cleanser to fully take away pesticide residue. Scientists have examined numerous produce cleaners, and found that the simplest technique for cleansing leafy greens is a baking soda answer. For extra information, take a look at our article on how to wash produce.

And whereas many people spent the spring of 2020 downloading Zoom backgrounds, Amelia Rampe of examined a number of strategies of washing and drying greens to discover the simplest, energy-efficient, and handy approach. She discovered that the ice tub technique eliminated the least grit (and was, maybe unsurprisingly, unpleasantly chilly). Filling the whole sink with water and immersing the greens was wasteful of water. The winner: Filling a salad spinner with water (or a baking soda answer) and greens, letting them sit for a bit, then pouring off the water, rinsing, and spinning dry.

It’s necessary to dry greens very effectively earlier than storing within the fridge to forestall wilting and rotting. Of all of the drying strategies (wringing out in a towel, air drying on a baking pan, shaking violently whereas dancing the Hula, or utilizing a salad spinner), the spinner eliminated probably the most water the quickest. Here’s a preferred chrome steel salad spinner.

How to Choose and Store Leafy Greens

Woman choosing cabbage at market

When shopping for leafy greens, search for contemporary, agency leaves and shiny colours. Avoid greens that look wilted or have yellow or brown spots. They must also move the “sniff test,” and both not scent in any respect, or give off an aroma just like the plant’s attribute style. For instance, arugula’s sharp scent is redolent (that’s a enjoyable phrase, isn’t it?!) of pepper.

Store greens within the fridge, unwashed, and rinse and dry them simply earlier than utilizing. You can preserve them wrapped in produce luggage (like these reusable mesh luggage), with all of the air burped out, or retailer them in an hermetic container. Most do effectively within the fridge’s crisper drawer. Hardy leaves like kale and collards will last more than lettuces or bok choy, however why wait? Try to eat leafy greens inside a few days, so that you by no means have to look down on a tragic, slimy plastic bag filled with natural matter decomposing behind the oat milk and tub of hummus.

Cabbages, alternatively, final a very very long time within the fridge. You could give you the option to retailer a head within the crisper drawer for up to a number of weeks. Store any unused chunks in an hermetic container to forestall decay.

How to Prepare Leafy Greens

Person preparing a leafy green spinach salad

You can serve leafy greens uncooked, cooked, or fermented. Each approach has its personal dietary advantages and style profiles, so chances are you’ll want to experiment to discover out your favourite methods to put together them.

Raw Greens

The hottest uncooked greens embody lettuces, cabbages (shredded, in slaw), and sharp salad greens like arugula and mizuna. Serve them in salads, add them to sandwiches, or as toppings on foremost dishes and grains. You can tenderize stemmed and chopped collards and kale by massaging the leaves with avocado earlier than tossing with different salad elements. Arugula additionally makes a scrumptious, peppery pesto. Because collard greens maintain collectively effectively, they make a wonderful wrap materials if you’d like to keep away from processed wraps made with flour.

Green Smoothies

One simple approach to eat a lot of uncooked greens like kale, spinach, and arugula — and even herbs like parsley, cilantro, and lovage — is to mix them into inexperienced smoothies. You can use contemporary or frozen greens for smoothies. The trick to nice smoothies is to add simply sufficient fruit to make it candy (and when you’re feeding youngsters or choosy eaters, to masks the style of the greens).


You may also make kale chips, which could be thought-about uncooked by purists, relying on the way you dehydrate them. Wash, de-rib, and therapeutic massage the kale with some seasonings, and dry away! You can use a devoted dehydrator, or simply heat them on baking trays within the oven for a few hours.


Raw greens like spinach and kale additionally make nice dip elements. You can add them to a meals processor or blender when making hummus and non-dairy “cheeze” spreads.

Cooked Greens

You may also prepare dinner your greens. Asian greens, together with all of the cabbages, work effectively in stews, soups, and stir-fries.

Boiling or Steaming

You may also boil or steam your greens. If you aren’t going to use the water you cooked them in, steaming is best than boiling as a result of extra vitamins stay within the greens as a substitute of leaching out into the water. Steamed greens could seem bland, however they could be a great a part of a macrobiotic-inspired plate, served with a grain, some legumes, tofu or tempeh, and lined in a piquant ginger sauce. The greatest time to boil greens is when you’re going to make them into soup, which allows you to drink the vitamins that find yourself within the water.

Baking, Roasting, or Grilling

Because head cabbages maintain collectively effectively even after you slice them, they work effectively when minimize into items of equal measurement after which baked, roasted, or grilled. The longer they prepare dinner, the sweeter and extra tender they grow to be.


Stir-frying could be a tasty approach to put together greens that even choosy eaters will get pleasure from, and it may be wholesome, too, so long as you don’t smother your veggies in overheated oil. The healthiest approach to stir-fry greens (and different veggies, for that matter) is to omit the oil completely. To stir-fry oil-free, you should utilize water, broth, soy sauce, or liquid soy or coconut aminos to preserve the veggies from sticking to the pan and burning. Stir always (as Martin Yan, the chef on Yan Can Cook reminds us, “It’s stir-fry, not stare-fry!”), and don’t overheat the pan. A professional trick is to prepare dinner some onions first in a dry pan, and add liquid simply after they begin to caramelize and brown. The sugars from the onion will make for a wealthy, flavorful sauce even earlier than you add a “real” sauce to the leafy greens dish.

Fermented Greens

Another wonderful means to get pleasure from greens is to ferment them. You could make sauerkraut and kimchi from head cabbages, in addition to leafy brassicas like bok choy and napa cabbage. For our article on the gorgeous well being advantages of fermented meals, click on right here.

5 Delectable Leafy Green Recipes

Here are some uncommon and chic recipes to get you began down the trail to scrumptious and nutritious leafy inexperienced delicacies.

1. Roasted Fig and Walnut Arugula Salad with Wheat Berries

roasted fig walnut salad with feta

Spicy arugula paired with earthy radish, candy figs, crunchy walnuts, and a tangy dressing makes for a wonderfully balanced salad, each in taste and vitamin. If you’re a fan of arugula, prepare to expertise it in a pleasant new approach. If you’re not a fan of arugula (or not but, anyway!), then this is a chance to do that peppery inexperienced as a part of a flavorful, texture-rich, and nourishing meal.

2. Miso Shiitake and Bok Choy Soup with Noodles

miso shiitake and bok choy soup with noodles in bowls

If you’re struggling to embody leafy greens in your eating regimen, then look no additional than this yummy noodle bowl. This restaurant-worthy dish is simple to make within the consolation of your personal residence. And it’s an effective way to incorporate the nutrient powerhouse bok choy, which is chock-full of calcium, vitamin C, and beta-carotene. Cooler nonetheless is which you can add much more leafy greens within the type of herbs of your alternative (we suggest chives, cilantro, or parsley)!

three. Spinach-Cashew Pizza Cheese Spread

spinach cashew cheese pizza spread

Need a sneaky approach to increase your youngsters’ (or your personal) leafy greens consumption? Make a tasty unfold out of them! This unfold is just not not like a pesto, however with just a little extra punch, so it could possibly maintain its personal on a pizza crust together with daring toppings. Or you should utilize it as a dip or unfold for different snacks and meals. With every chunk, really feel good understanding you’re getting in a wholesome dose of leafy greens!

four. Lemony Braised Kale and Tomatoes

lemony braised kale and tomatoes in bowl

The bitterness that’s generally present in kale is decreased when it’s braised, whereas the addition of lemon brings out a barely candy taste. Combine this with the umami taste of tomatoes, and you’ve got your self a stunning aspect of kale to get pleasure from alongside grilled tofu or tempeh and your favourite complete grain.

5. Green Goddess Dressing

green goddess dressing

Cilantro offers this dressing its fairly inexperienced shade in addition to its nutrient energy (good day vitamin C, vitamin Ok, and beta-carotene!). Don’t love cilantro? No drawback! You can swap it with basil or parsley, or half of every, and nonetheless get tons of vitamin and taste. Tahini offers this dressing a creamy base; lemon offers it a shiny raise; and whichever leafy herb you select brings its personal distinctive character and taste. Use it as a salad dressing, on high of a grain bowl, or as a sauce for grilled tofu or tempeh. Pour the Green Goddess Dressing on high of nearly every thing to elevate any dish to the following stage.

Get Your Greens In!

Happy woman holding fresh-picked green leafy vegetables Picture Company

Leafy greens are, pound for pound and calorie for calorie, fairly effectively the healthiest meals round. Even when you grew up with iceberg salads and canned spinach as your solely publicity, it’s by no means too late to get to know the variability and flexibility of those most glorious crops. With so many to select from, there’s no want to ever get uninterested in leafy greens. And now that you know the way to select, retailer, and put together them, it’s time to go inexperienced in your kitchen!

Tell us within the feedback:

  • What are your favourite leafy greens?
  • What’s the following leafy inexperienced you’re going to eat, and the way will you put together it?
  • Which leafy inexperienced are you interested in that you simply’ve by no means tried?

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