You’re most likely not pondering, “Well, if Elvis Presley loved eating it, it must be good for me.”

Elvis certain might sing, however he was not what most individuals would take into account a connoisseur of healthful meals. According to biographers, he was extraordinarily keen on a sandwich consisting of two massive slices of bread, sliced banana, peanut butter, and bacon, all fried in bacon grease — an outsized sandwich that is available in at round eight,000 energy. This will not be, pointless to say, a recipe that you’d ever discover on the Food Revolution Network web site.

But that doesn’t imply we’d like to throw out the entire concept of nut and seed butters. Done proper, they could be a scrumptious and versatile a part of a nutritious diet. After all, nuts and seeds present myriad well being advantages, as we’ll see beneath. And for many individuals, the principle method to get pleasure from these advantages is thru nut butters or seed butters. The spreadable pastes are used as sandwich fillings, sauce thickeners, baking elements, and in numerous different methods.

While peanut butter has been touted as a reasonable protein supply the world over, some nut butters might be fairly costly. And some industrial varieties comprise further elements that, like Elvis’s bacon, could also be questionable on your well being.

Another strike in opposition to industrial nut and seed butters is that after they’re floor, the fat start to degrade and may go rancid. Fresh is finest, however with store-bought butters, that will not be an possibility.

If you need contemporary, scrumptious, reasonably priced, and clear nut and seed butters, your finest wager might be to make your personal. In this text, you’ll uncover precisely how — and get some superb recipes for selfmade butters that may add well being to your life and deliciousity (sure, spellcheck, that actually is a phrase!) to your kitchen.

Types of Nut and Seeds

assortment of nuts on rustic wood table

You could make nut butter or seed butter out of just about any meals that’s eaten like a nut or seed. The most typical, after all, is peanut butter, which isn’t a nut in any respect, however a legume.

I’ve recognized this for years, however solely in writing this text did I notice that I wasn’t truly certain concerning the distinction. It seems that a nut is a fruit with a single seed, whereas legumes are fruits with a number of seeds. So almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts are all single inside their hulls, whereas peanuts sometimes happen in pairs or even trios inside their shells, extra like their legume siblings peas, beans, and lentils.


Now you realize why peanuts aren’t botanically thought-about to be nuts. But together with peanuts, virtually any nut might be became a nut butter, together with almonds, cashews, pecans, hazelnuts, pistachios, Brazil nuts, walnuts, and macadamia nuts. 


What about seeds? Nuts have seeds, however aren’t seeds? Oh pricey, extra taxonomic confusion. While not getting deep into the biology of plant copy (this can be a family-friendly web site, in any case), we are able to hold it easy by saying that nuts have onerous shells (referred to as pericarps) that now we have to work to crack open, whereas seeds are encased in seed coats which might be comparatively simple to take away. Sunflowers blur the road, however in lots of cultures, (together with American baseball) popping handfuls of sunflower seeds within the mouth and expertly spitting out the shells is a nice artwork. No nutcracker required.

There are a bunch of seeds which might be generally made into seed butters, like sunflower, pumpkin, sesame (it even has its personal particular title: tahini), poppy, watermelon, hemp, and flax. One seed hasn’t but made the lower, however is commonly included complete in seed butter mixtures: chia.

Seed butters have a tendency to have stronger flavors than nut butters and sometimes profit from being blended with different seeds or nuts, reasonably than remaining as a single seed selection. And seed-only butters are sometimes well-liked options for individuals with nut allergy symptoms.

Nut & Seed Butter Nutrition

selection of nut butter including peanut cashew almond and sesame seeds

Perhaps unsurprisingly, nut and seed butters have an analogous dietary profile to their complete meals types. Nuts and seeds are good sources of plant-based protein, which is one motive that Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, 19th-century well being meals proponent and plant-based advocate, pushed for the industrial processing of peanuts into peanut butter to exchange cow butter within the American eating regimen.

Nuts and seeds are additionally excessive in fats, which from their perspective offers meals for the rising plant embryo, and from our perspective, makes them creamy and scrumptious. The majority of the fat are what are generally thought-about the “good kinds,” poly- and monounsaturated — though some do comprise small quantities of problematic saturated fat. A couple of sorts of seeds, resembling chia and flax, are additionally wealthy sources of omega-Three fatty acids.

Nuts and seeds, like many complete plant meals, are excessive in fiber and wealthy in minerals like magnesium and manganese. They’re additionally phytonutrient powerhouses, containing tocopherols, phytosterols, vitamin E, vitamin B6, folate, and phenolic compounds. And Brazil nuts are fantastically excessive in selenium.

Some nuts are extra nutritionally dense than others, as you’ll be able to see on this dietary comparability desk of among the hottest nut and seed butters. All nuts (aside from chestnuts) are excessive in fats and energy. On the upside, their excessive fats and calorie content material makes them a great substitute for dairy in some recipes. And they could be a substitute for butter, or used rather than bottled oils, for baked items. On the upside of that upside, most nuts and seed butters are a lot decrease in saturated fats than dairy. For instance, an oz of peanut butter comprises 2.9 grams of saturated fats, which is lower than half the quantity in an oz of cheddar cheese.

The draw back of all that fats is, that’s numerous fats. And since fat are greater than twice the caloric density of carbohydrates and proteins, that interprets right into a high-calorie content material. If you’re attempting to hold off extra weight, or wanting to observe a low-fat eating regimen, it’s your decision to watch the serving sizes of your nuts, seeds, and seed and nut butters.

Why Make Your Own Nut or Seed Butter

a variety of peanut butter and other nut butter on shelves in grocery store

With all these handy industrial jars of seed or nut butters stocked in shops, why hassle making your personal?

 1. Control the elements

One large motive is to hold out elements that may hurt your well being and the surroundings. The mainstream manufacturers of peanut butter, like Skippy and Jif, for instance, comprise added sugar and salt, in addition to GMO oils.

The hottest added oil, palm oil, retains the pure peanut oil from separating, so that you don’t have to stir the jar’s contents earlier than spreading. That’s a pleasant characteristic, however the palm oil trade is chargeable for among the world’s worst environmental harm, in addition to racial and financial injustices, because it developed into a world energy within the late 19th century. (If you need motivation to cease consuming meals containing palm oil, take a look at the ebook Planet Palm: How Palm Oil Ended Up in Everything — and Endangered the World, by Jocelyn Zuckerman.)

2. Cut down on plastic

Another motive to make your personal is that many industrial nut butters are bought in plastic jars. There is concern that the plasticizers and chemical substances like BPA (within the plastic jars and lids) might leach into the meals.

Three. Save cash

Another consideration is value. With the exception of peanut butter, most different industrial nut and seed butters can get costly. Peanuts are the most affordable possibility as a result of they require much less water and are inexpensive to develop than tree nuts. According to the National Peanut Board, admittedly not probably the most impartial supply, rising an oz of peanuts requires four.7 gallons of water, in contrast to 80.four and 73.5 gallons for shelled almonds and walnuts, respectively. Being legumes, peanuts additionally replenish soil nitrogen, thus restoring fertility with out the necessity for giant portions of fertilizer. So farmers can move alongside all these financial savings to you.

Whatever the nuts or seeds price, industrial butters add manufacturing and advertising and marketing prices (not to point out revenue) on prime. So it doesn’t matter what nut or seed (or legume) you utilize, making your personal butter will most likely find yourself being cheaper than shopping for it.

One blogger calculated the financial savings of selfmade vs. industrial almond butter over the course of a 12 months, and located that a household consuming three kilos of almond butter every week (which is an terrible lot of almond butter, except you’re the Duggars) might save exactly $954.72 by grinding their very own.

four. Get inventive

Another motive to go the selfmade route is to indulge your internal chef. You can get inventive with style and texture and produce the seed butter or nut butter combine that you simply and yours want. Of course, your personal nut and seed butter ingredient lists will probably be easier and more healthy than store-bought (except you add issues like rapeseed oil or mono and diglycerides, which, to be honest, you’ll be hard-pressed to discover at your native pure meals retailer). But that leaves room for some cool added flavors. Here’s a shortlist to get you impressed:

  • Cocoa powder
  • Natural sweeteners like stevia, monk fruit, and date sugar
  • Spices like chile powder, cinnamon, and cardamom
  • Vanilla extract
  • Lemon zest
  • Additional nuts or seeds to enhance vitamin or add a special taste

And since your hand is on the meals processor or blender button, you get to decide precisely how easy or crunchy the feel will probably be.

How to Make Nut or Seed Butter

raw cashews in a blender James

Your first choice is whether or not to roast your nuts and seeds, or go the uncooked route. If uncooked, will you grind the nuts and seeds as they’re, or soak or sprout them first? Soaking them in water for just a few hours, or in a single day, will provide help to take away any paper skins, like these on peanuts and almonds, and provides your completed butter a creamier texture. And sprouting nuts and seeds offers added dietary advantages.

On the opposite hand, even calmly roasting helps to launch the pure oils in nuts and seeds, which makes them simpler to mix — and may convey out their pure taste. It additionally makes your house odor like a made-for-television Thanksgiving film, particularly those the place a jaded, burned-out advert company government strikes to New Hampshire to care for her convalescing mom and discovers the thrill of household, romance, and wood-burning stoves.

Then comes the straightforward half: toss the nuts or seeds right into a meals processor or blender (it’s a bit just like the scenic route versus the autobahn, however each will get you there) together with any further elements (salt is at all times optionally available).

Blend till the combination reaches your required consistency, after which retailer your butter in an hermetic container within the fridge. You can use a mason jar, or every other glass container. Avoid plastic, particularly if the friction from mixing or processing has heated up the butter. Refrigerated, the pure nut and seed butter can keep contemporary for 3 to 4 weeks.

How to Use Nut and Seed Butters

buckwheat healthy bread with peanut butter banana and blueberry on white plate over

Once you’ve obtained your jar of seed butter or nut butter lounging comfortably within the fridge, what then? I’d advocate that, more often than not, you keep away from the technique of consuming all of it immediately from the jar with a spoon (or worse, your fingers). That leaves a number of completely good choices for a way to use your seed and nut butters:

  • Spread it on whole-grain or sprouted toast — and even crudités like carrots and celery.
  • Follow the hallowed PB&J template by spreading it in your favourite bread together with pure fruit preserves or contemporary fruit. Elvis might not have recognized when to cease, however his use of sliced bananas was actually impressed.
  • Add oomph to smoothie bowls, açaí bowls, and oatmeal by drizzling your nut butter on prime.
  • Mix it into smoothies for extra creaminess and taste.
  • Drizzle some candy nut or seed butter over Apple Nachos Supreme, or use it as a dip for different contemporary fruit.
  • Use it in selfmade baked items.
  • Make an Asian stir-fry or plant-based pasta sauce (cashew butter, specifically, makes a great base for a cream sauce).

5 Nut and Seed Butter Recipes

You’ll discover a wide range of nut and seed butter blends beneath, beginning with the fundamentals like Creamy Almond Butter and Naturally Sweet Sunflower Butter. Then transferring on to fancier, but nonetheless easy-to-make, Chocolate Hazelnut Spread and Omega-Three Seedy Nut Butter. And, in the event you’re on the lookout for a necessary mineral enhance (hi there, selenium, magnesium, and zinc!) delivered in a spoonful of creamy deliciousness, then soar straight to the Brazil Cashew Nut Butter mix. Or, create your personal blends utilizing among the recipe steerage beneath. The solely factor we ask is that you simply take into account sharing your nut butter mixing expertise with us!

1. Creamy Almond Butter

Almonds ship a powerful quantity of vitamin, together with calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, and heart-healthy fat. Making your personal almond butter is cost-effective and easy. It simply requires somewhat little bit of persistence to get these almonds to the creamy consistency you realize and love. But, belief us, it’s value it ultimately!

2. Naturally Sweet Sunflower Butter

Seeds can create the identical heavenly creamy butter as nuts, thanks to their high-fat content material. Seed butters are an excellent possibility in the event you’re allergic to nuts or merely need to add somewhat selection to your eating regimen. You could make sunflower seed butter with uncooked sunflower seeds, however we determined to roast them. This permits their pure oils to launch, which contributes to the creamy texture.

Three. Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Get prepared for a delightfully candy and nutty aroma that may permeate your house as you roast the hazelnuts for this mix. It would possibly convey the store-bought model — stuffed with processed sugar, palm oil, and milk powder — to thoughts, however this unfold gained’t hurt your well being or the surroundings. Wholesome elements like hazelnuts, date paste, and natural cacao powder create a scrumptious deal with that’s type to your physique and the planet.

four. Omega-Three Seedy Nut Butter

This omega-powered creamy deal with comprises walnuts, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and flax seeds — 4 plant-based elements that present loads of omega-Three fatty acids in addition to phytonutrients, fiber, calcium, iron, and protein. Enjoy it as a dip along with your favourite fruit or veggies — apples and carrots would each make tasty, crisp companions.

5. Brazil Cashew Nut Butter

The gentle, buttery taste of Brazil nuts makes them a wonderful selection for scrumptious nut butter. And since they’re exceptionally excessive in selenium (greater than every other nut), somewhat bit goes a good distance by way of vitamin. We’ve blended in some creamy cashew butter to assist stability it out with different important vitamins like magnesium and zinc.

Get Spreading!

Nut and seed butters are scrumptious and nutritious meals that serve many capabilities in a nutritious diet. Making your personal can defend you from dangerous elements, prevent cash, and encourage creativity. There are so many alternative nuts and seeds to experiment with, in numerous combos, and with numerous added flavors, that you could be end up with a brand new pastime: DIYing a well-liked pantry staple in your personal kitchen.

And so long as you permit out the bacon and the frying, you might discover that, like Elvis, you “can’t help falling in love” with selfmade nut butters and seed butters.

Tell us within the feedback:

  • Do you eat nuts and seeds? Why or why not?
  • If you utilize nut or seed butters, that are your favorites?
  • What type of nut or seed butter would you want to make at dwelling?

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