Garlic is among the world’s oldest cultivated crops and has been used for hundreds of years to deal with many illnesses and illnesses. From malaria and meningitis to tuberculosis and typhoid fever, garlic has been acknowledged as a strong healer all through time and in cultures worldwide.

There was even a time when individuals hoped to remedy or chase away misunderstood ‘evils’ with garlic and different alliums. Today, scientific research are confirming many of those historical medicinal wards or treatments, even when it comes to vampires. (Alleged vampirism could have truly been rabies. And the legend of garlic repelling vampires could have come from a symptom of rabies, which is a robust aversion to pungent smells!). More on the allium household and a few of their extraordinary advantages right here.

Of all of the alliums, garlic could single-handedly chase away extra ‘evils’ than some other vegetable or herb. And whether or not you’re trying to deal with or forestall illness, chase away vampires, or similar to the flavour of garlic, rising it your self has many advantages in your well being and vitality.

Why Grow Garlic When You Can Buy It?

Selecting garlic bulbs at a market

Studies present a direct correlation between taste and the presence of vitamins for a lot of meals. That nice garlic taste is an indicator of allicin — one of many many lively compounds in garlic that helps your well being.

But grocery retailer garlic is bred primarily for one factor: shelf life. While that is useful for meals transported a whole bunch and hundreds of miles, the price of breeding for shelf life is a loss in taste and helpful compounds. In addition, there’s not numerous selection on the grocery retailer. Stores often solely carry considered one of three typical varieties. However, if you develop your personal garlic, you may select from over 100 completely different varieties and flavors.

You don’t want to accept much less diet when it comes to your meals. You can take pleasure in superior taste and well being if you develop your personal garlic. Plus, it’s simpler than you may suppose!

How to Grow Garlic Full of Flavor and Nutrients

growing garlic sprouts in garden

When inviting vegetation into your life, it’s vital to keep in mind that vegetation need to thrive. They do no matter it takes to develop sturdy and switch to seed for the following era. Your position as a caretaker is to present the most effective situations in your vegetation to flourish. Here are the highest eight concerns when rising garlic.

1. Growing Garlic: A Great Choice for Busy Growers

Unlike different annual backyard veggies and herbs, most garlic grows from fall via winter and all the best way into summer time. Growing garlic takes little or no upkeep, so it’s nice for busy individuals. Once garlic is within the floor, the one factor chances are you’ll want to do is mulch earlier than the primary frost. Then, curl up with a cup of scorching tea and take the complete winter off. That’s proper; nothing left to do however wait till harvest in late spring or early summer time!

2. Choosing the Right Garlic for Your Climate

Hardneck and softneck garlic varieties may be grown in colder climates. But should you stay in a hotter local weather, you’ll need to select a softneck selection. For extra on choosing the proper garlic selection, seize your complimentary printable Garlic Growing Guide right here.

Sow garlic firstly of your cool season. Hardnecks want the primary 4 to six weeks of rising to be between 32-55°F (Zero-12°C). Softneck and hotter tolerant garlic varieties may be planted in hotter temps, however want to be under 80°F (23°C) during their development.

Garlic sprouts needs to be at the very least 6-Eight” (15-20cm) tall earlier than temperatures drop under freezing. When sprouts are at the very least 6” tall, mulch the garlic mattress with a lightweight materials, like natural straw to defend it via the winter. You also can use mulch to maintain the soil cooler in hotter climates.

three. Your Garlic Plants Want 6-Eight Hours of Sunlight

Without correct daylight, your garlic vegetation can’t photosynthesize correctly. Because daylight hours change via seasons, you’ll need to guarantee that wherever you plant your garlic, it’s getting 6-Eight hours of full solar from fall via summer time and up till harvest time. If you reside close to the arctic circle, this may very well be a dealbreaker.

Four. Quality Soil Means Nutrient-Rich Food

Health begins underground. If rising in a container, select a high-quality, natural potting combine. If rising in soil, guarantee it’s well-draining with loads of fertility. Keep your fertility ranges up by including a 2” layer minimal of natural compost on the highest of your potting combine or soil every rising season.

5. How Many Garlic Plants in How Much Space?

You don’t want numerous rising house for garlic. You can develop sufficient garlic to savor year-round in a single Four’ x 6’ (1.2 x 1.Eight m) backyard mattress. And that one backyard mattress may give you way more of that cherished garlic taste than simply the bulbs.

Before your garlic head totally matures, you may seize an early harvest with hardneck varieties. Hardnecks produce edible shoots on the highest of the plant referred to as ‘scapes.’ Simply reduce the scapes when they’re between 6-10” (15-20cm) lengthy and luxuriate in them uncooked or cooked. They make a tasty addition to sautees!

PRO TIP: In the early spring, plant lettuce between the rows of garlic. Your garlic and lettuce shall be prepared to harvest on the similar time, so that you get two crops out of the identical house. Plus, your planting mattress shall be clear to plant summer time crops.

6. Watering for Perfect Garlic Harvests

When you first plant your garlic, water weekly till leaves emerge. Then, cut back watering.

If temperatures go under freezing, there’s no want to water throughout that point. When the bottom thaws, water 1” per week in temperatures of 60-70°F (15-21°C) and a pair of” per week in temperatures of 70-80°F (21-26°C).

PRO TIP: Watering much less typically and extra completely is often finest.

7. The Secret to Getting Superior Garlic Harvests

Harvesting garlic is simple! Your garlic is prepared for harvest when decrease leaves flip brown and papery. Gently insert a digging fork into the soil and elevate out the garlic heads.

But you don’t have to wait till the garlic is mature to begin harvesting. Aside from the scapes of hardneck varieties, you may take pleasure in scrumptious, recent, spring garlic by harvesting earlier than maturity and cooking promptly.

PRO TIP: The secret to getting superior garlic harvests is to save the biggest, healthiest bulbs for planting subsequent 12 months.

Eight. Curing and Storing Your Garlic

freshly harvested garlic bulbs drying outdoors

Once you’ve harvested your garlic, gently brush off the surplus filth. Never wash harvested garlic or get the bulbs moist, as this could trigger your garlic to mould. Hang your garlic or lay on a wire rack within the daylight for 2 to 4 weeks, ideally in temperatures of at the very least 80ºF (26ºC). In colder climates, you may remedy your garlic indoors.

Once cured, reduce the stems off and peel the outer layer of pores and skin off the bulbs. For optimum, long-term storage, intention for a ventilated, darkish, and dry space that’s round 60ºF (15ºC). When garlic cures correctly, it would retailer for wherever between Four-12 months, relying on whether or not you’re rising the hardneck or softneck selection.

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