In January 1961, voice actor Mel Blanc was driving on Sunset Boulevard when he had a head-on collision and fractured his legs and pelvis. He went right into a coma from which it appeared he may not emerge.

Frustrated and determined after two weeks with no response, Blanc’s neurologist tried one thing completely different, and admittedly, a bit wacky. He addressed not Blanc himself, however his most well-known and beloved character. He requested, “How are you today, Bugs Bunny?” After a pause, Blanc stirred and answered, “Eh… just fine, Doc. How are you?” within the voice of the grey cartoon rabbit.

Identifying with Bugs Buggy helped Mel Blanc regain his well being. And we are able to use the same trick to get or keep wholesome ourselves: paying tribute to that “wascally wabbit” by consuming his favourite meals.

Carrot Popularity

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If it’s not apparent by our brand, we love carrots right here at Food Revolution Network nearly as a lot as Bugs does. And no surprise: carrots are one of the vital in style greens, integrated in numerous dishes, eaten on their very own as a snack, and fairly simple to search out in most locations.

And due to their associations with basic children’ cartoons and having higher evening imaginative and prescient (a fantasy, by the way in which — see under for its origin), carrots rapidly come to thoughts throughout fast phrase affiliation when the class “vegetable” comes up. According to the BBC, 9 out of ten occasions when somebody performs that sport and has to call a vegetable, they’ll say “carrot.” Give it a attempt, and tell us.

Of course, the bunny affiliation works each methods — some folks dismiss carrots as “rabbit food,” together with absolutely anything else that may go in a salad. But regardless of the naysayers, Bugs Bunny has the proper thought. After all, it’s no shock that carrots are good for people, too. But are there any downsides to rising or consuming them? And what are among the greatest methods to organize them?

Carrot Origins

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The wild carrot is indigenous to Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia, with probably the most varieties arising in modern-day Iran and Afghanistan. Historians have discovered proof of human use of carrot seeds way back to four,000-5,000 years in the past. Our ancestors could have utilized the seeds as medication, and in addition maybe as a cooking spice.

In Egypt, Rome, and Greece, healers prescribed carrots as a therapeutic treatment for quite a few sicknesses. They additionally had makes use of as an aphrodisiac, which can clarify the enthusiastic carrot-themed paintings on Egyptian hieroglyphics, and the presence of preserved carrots in Pharaohs’ tombs. Back then, carrots have been bitter, troublesome to eat on their very own, and unattainable to eat uncooked, as they have been robust and fibrous.

The first proof of carrot crops being grown particularly for meals was within the Iranian Plateau and Persia in the course of the 10th century. After that, they unfold to Andalusia — modern-day Spain — after which to the remainder of Europe. During this time, carrots have been primarily purple, white, or yellow — a spread harking back to these rainbow packages of child carrots you could find at the moment in some grocery shops.

Orange carrots have been bred into existence someday within the 17th century in Europe and the Mediterranean. At the time, orange was truly a recessive coloration, presumably created from domesticated yellow carrots. There doesn’t appear to be a organic benefit to an orange hue for the carrot, besides that that’s what folks appeared to love as soon as they confirmed up.

It wasn’t till after World War I that carrots grew to become a significant participant in American delicacies. Thanks to troopers returning house with seeds, and extra importantly, descriptions of scrumptious European dishes that featured them, folks started demanding carrots for each savory and candy meals.

Types of Carrots

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Today, you’ll be able to carry house a slew of colourful carrots — like purple, black, yellow, white, and purple — however orange remains to be the most typical.

Domesticated carrots fall into two predominant classes. The first is the Eastern or Asiatic carrot, grown across the Himalayas. These varieties of carrots are wealthy in anthocyanins, pigmented antioxidants that make them primarily purple, yellow, or black. The second is the Western carrot, which grew largely within the Middle East and Turkey. These carrots are wealthy in carotenoids, which give them their orange, yellow, purple, or white coloring.

There are 5 predominant varieties of Western carrots, that are outlined by their form and measurement:

  1. Danvers: These are lengthy and thin and are your fundamental poster baby for the carrot. Preferred varieties are Yellowstone and Half Long carrots.
  2. Nantes: These carrots are spherical on the tip and cylindrical on the highest. They additionally are inclined to develop rapidly. Some frequent varieties embody Napoli, Touchon, Napa, and White Satin carrots.
  3. Imperator: These are much like Danver carrots, however are sweeter and thicker. Popular varieties embody the Japanese Imperial Long, Cosmic Red, and Sugarsnax 54.
  4. Chantenay: These carrots are hardier than the remaining and might develop in rocky soil or containers at house. They typically develop as much as seven inches in size and embody varieties just like the Red-Cored Chantenay, Hercules, and Carson Hybrid.
  5. Ball or Mini: These carrots are brief and stout, however their resemblance to a bit teapot ends there. They are typically round three to 4 inches in size and truly look extra like radishes than carrots. Sometimes these are cooked and served with their greens nonetheless connected. Common varieties embody the Babette, Romeo, and Paris Market carrots.

Carrot Nutrition

Carrots are recognized for their excessive beta-carotene content material. This carotenoid offers the most typical orange and yellow varieties their coloration. Your physique naturally converts beta-carotene to vitamin A, an essential nutrient for issues like eyesight and immunity. And carrots are a superb supply of beta-carotene; one massive carrot (say, seven to eight inches lengthy) can present over two-thirds of your each day requirement of the nutrient.

No matter what coloration of carrots you get pleasure from, you’re going to get dose of antioxidants. For occasion, yellow carrots comprise lutein, purple carrots comprise lycopene, purple carrots comprise anthocyanins, and black carrots comprise phenolic compounds.

Carrots are additionally low in energy and fats and excessive in advanced carbohydrates and fiber. And they’re supply of different micronutrients, like potassium, B nutritional vitamins, vitamin C, and vitamin K1.

Carrot Health Benefits

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Carrots have been studied for quite a lot of particular well being advantages. And the outcomes are spectacular.

1. May assist eye well being.

Many of us have heard we should always eat extra carrots to see higher at evening. And whereas they’re not a miracle meals for reaching superhuman evening imaginative and prescient, carrots do definitely assist assist your eyesight.

The fantasy that carrots contribute to nighttime imaginative and prescient had its origins in British PSYOPs (psychological operations) towards their German foes in World War II. Rather than disclose the brand new onboard radar techniques of their planes, which gave the Royal Air Force an enormous benefit throughout evening battles, the federal government launched promoting campaigns telling its residents that consuming carrots would give them wonderful evening imaginative and prescient, helpful in the course of the blackouts in London and different cities. Be like our airmen, the federal government hinted, and eat your carrots.

Back to recognized info. Carrots are wealthy in antioxidants, like beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin, that are recognized to assist defend your eyes. They’ve even been included in studieds on age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in addition to stopping and decreasing cataracts.

2. May have anticancer advantages.

The bioactive compounds in carrots can also defend towards the event and development of sure varieties of most cancers. A 2014 evaluation discovered that consuming carrots is related to a considerably decreased danger of prostate most cancers. The relationship gave the impression to be linear; for each extra 10 gram serving of carrots that males ate per day (equal to about one entire carrot), there was an roughly 5% discount in prostate most cancers danger. 

In an older 1986 research, researchers interviewed 417 folks with lung most cancers and 849 folks in a management group on their life-long tobacco utilization and present consumption of meals wealthy in retinol or carotene. They discovered that present people who smoke who didn’t eat carrots had triple the chances of getting lung most cancers in comparison with those that ate carrots greater than as soon as per week (although not smoking and consuming loads of carrots appears to be the only option).

In a 2018 meta-analysis together with 10 research and 13,747 breast most cancers instances, researchers discovered that consuming carrots could also be related to a decrease danger for breast most cancers. And the authors of a 2015 meta-analysis discovered that consuming carrots was additionally related to a decrease danger for abdomen most cancers.

Three. May assist assist immune protection.

Whole plant meals are pure immune-boosters, and carrots are a major instance. Beta-carotene and different carotenoids present in carrots assist assist the traditional operate of your immune system, which helps defend you towards quite a lot of sicknesses and infections. Carrots are additionally wealthy in vitamin C, a pure antioxidant and main participant in immunity.

While folks might be allergic to them, some analysis means that when pregnant ladies eat carrots, it might assist forestall allergic ailments from growing of their youngsters. And the excessive beta-carotene content material in carrots can also assist management bronchial asthma signs in adults.

four. May assist coronary heart well being.

Epidemiological research have prompt that consuming a weight-reduction plan wealthy in carrots could also be useful in enhancing coronary heart well being. For occasion, in a 2008 research, the consumption of beta-carotene was discovered to be inversely related to the danger of dying from heart problems over a 15-year interval in aged males.

And in a 2021 animal research revealed in Nutrients, researchers discovered that carrots helped appropriate numerous metabolic and cardiovascular issues in mice with a genetic predisposition to atherosclerosis. (Our view on the usage of animals in medical analysis is right here.)

Other animal analysis means that a technique carrots could assist defend the guts is by modifying the way in which ldl cholesterol is absorbed, and bile acids get excreted. It can also increase the provision of antioxidants, all of which can assist scale back coronary heart illness danger.

5. May profit blood sugar management.

Carrots could also be useful for folks with diabetes, seemingly due to their carotenoid content material.

For occasion, a 2018 animal research revealed in Preventive Nutrition and Food Science discovered that when rats with sort 1 diabetes acquired a complement with carrot powder for three weeks, their blood sugar ranges have been considerably diminished, in comparison with diabetic rats who didn’t obtain the powder.

And in a 2015 research, researchers examined knowledge from 37,846 individuals of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition-Netherlands research. They discovered that diets excessive in carotenoids, notably beta-carotene and alpha-carotene, have been related to a decrease danger for sort 2 diabetes.

Eating carrots can also be useful with potential diabetes-related issues, corresponding to diabetic retinopathy (DR), a situation by which neurons within the retina start to degrade and might result in severely impaired imaginative and prescient or even blindness. A 2019 research discovered that treating folks at early levels of DR with antioxidant and carotenoid-rich meals, like carrots, could also be useful in slowing its development.

Carrot Concerns

Carrots provide loads of well being advantages, however are you able to eat too a lot of them? Well, like just about the rest, you’ll be able to nonetheless get an excessive amount of of factor with carrots. Carrots, inexperienced leafy greens, and candy potatoes comprise provitamin A — within the type of beta-carotene and different carotenoids — that your physique turns into vitamin A. It’s doable to overconsume carrots to the purpose of vitamin A toxicity.

Vitamin A Toxicity

The danger of vitamin A poisoning as a result of consuming too many carrots, nevertheless, is much much less seemingly than if you happen to have been to take vitamin A within the type of a complement.

Still, there are stories of extreme carrots changing into problematic. For occasion, there’s a documented case of a person who consumed round six to seven kilos of carrots per week — mainly one pound per day — who introduced with elevated liver enzymes, constipation, and “possible vitamin A toxicity.” One of the person’s most outstanding options was the seen change in his pores and skin coloration, which was turning yellowish-orange, often known as hypercarotenemia or an excessive amount of carotene within the physique.

Fortunately, vitamin A toxicity typically has prognosis. You can often make a whole restoration if the extreme ingestion of vitamin A stops. Signs and signs of continual vitamin A toxicity disappear inside a couple of weeks upon addressing the underlying supply.

Even if you happen to’re a super-fan of carrots, you’re most likely not at nice danger for this difficulty until your consumption is much like the man from the case report. To provide you with some context, one pound of carrots is round six full-sized carrots. This quantity incorporates roughly double the advisable dietary consumption (RDI). To play it most secure, chances are you’ll wish to restrict your carrot consumption to a median of not more than three full-sized carrots per day to remain underneath the RDI, assuming you’re getting some vitamin A from different sources as properly.

Carrot Allergy

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Another potential concern is that some individuals are allergic to carrots. Allergic reactions to carrots have an effect on as much as 25% of individuals with meals allergic reactions. While we don’t hear about carrot allergic reactions fairly often, they’re within the birch pollen household of allergic reactions and a part of oral allergy syndrome, a kind of contact allergen response that happens within the mouth or throat when folks eat sure vegatables and fruits.

There’s additionally some proof that people who find themselves allergic to uncooked carrots aren’t essentially allergic to cooked ones. A research revealed in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology discovered that the doubtless allergenic proteins in carrots unravel when cooked, which prevents them from triggering the identical diploma of immune response as when eaten uncooked.

Researchers assume it is because the denatured proteins can’t bind to and be acknowledged by antibodies, so there’s no robust immune response. However, whereas some folks with a carrot allergy didn’t have extreme signs from cooked carrots — like swelling and respiration issues — they did nonetheless get a secondary rash response. Because there’s nonetheless some response, the authors advisable that folks with carrot allergic reactions proceed to keep away from each uncooked and cooked variations to be protected.

Are Carrots Sustainable?

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We’ve examined carrots in-depth so far as well being goes, however what about their influence on the atmosphere? There are two sides to each coin, so let’s begin with the excellent news.

Interestingly, carrots are a sustainable constructing materials. In reality, researchers have found out mix carrots and blend them with small quantities of concrete, which can truly assist enhance the energy of concrete by 80%! Why? Their strengthening means could come from the cellulose, or plant fiber, in carrots. Could carrots be a key to future inexperienced constructing? I’m intrigued.

Now for the less-than-amazing information. Carrots earn a low to average pesticide residue rating in accordance with the Environmental Working Group (EWG). This signifies that whereas carrots aren’t within the “Dirty Dozen,” they don’t crack the “Clean 15” both. The USDA notes 26 potential pesticides are used on carrot crops, a few of which can be carcinogens, hormone disruptors, neurotoxins, and reproductive toxins, in addition to threatening to honeybees.

To be protected, it’s greatest to purchase natural carrots if doable. Carrots can soak up pesticide residues from soils. And as a result of the edible half is a root, they’re absolutely immersed within the soil round them.

As for GMOs, there was discuss of growing GMO carrots round 2008 that will theoretically present further calcium to assist forestall ailments like osteoporosis. But as of 2021, this has not been permitted. Carrots aren’t among the many present GMO crops within the US.

Many carrots are additionally grown in California, a state with persistent drought issues. Fortunately, in comparison with different greens, carrots eat a comparatively average quantity of water. To assist your native financial system, spend money on native farms, and benefit from the freshest and most sustainable carrots, attempt to purchase them locally-grown when you’ll be able to. Carrots are generally accessible at farmers markets, by way of community-supported agriculture (CSA) packages, or U-pick farms. Or, you may fancy rising your personal.

Growing Carrots


Carrots want some particular consideration in your backyard since they’re root greens, and you may’t disturb their roots whereas rising. They want deep, free soil and a constant water supply for the perfect outcomes. The excellent news is that they’re fairly hardy and might be grown in most zones (particularly, zones Three-10 are inclined to do properly with carrots).

If you wish to develop lengthy carrots, however don’t have a deep sufficient layer of topsoil to permit them to develop down unimpeded, take into account constructing raised beds. That manner, as an alternative of needing a number of cubic yards of soil, compost, and different natural matter over your whole backyard, you’ll be able to put a lot smaller quantities to make use of simply the place you want a foot or extra of topsoil.

Plant carrots in the course of the cooler durations of the rising season — spring and fall — as they’ll tolerate frost properly. Though the seeds will germinate in soil as chilly as 50 levels, they like a 70-degree atmosphere. Ideally, plant carrots in areas that obtain full solar more often than not. It could take a couple of weeks for carrot seeds to germinate, they usually’re sometimes prepared for harvesting after roughly 50-75 days.

How to Choose & Store Carrots

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When selecting carrots, look for ones which are agency, clean, and brightly coloured. The deeper the orange coloration, the extra beta-carotene they comprise (the identical goes for different colours and their respective antioxidants). Avoid carrots with extreme cracks, in addition to these which are limp or rubbery. In addition, if the carrots don’t have their inexperienced tops, take a look at the stem ends to make certain they’re not darkly coloured, as that is additionally an indication of age. After all, you need your carrots to final!

With correct storage strategies, carrots can final within the fridge for as much as a month. Cut off carrot greens if you are going to buy them intact. Then, for maximal longevity, place the carrots in an hermetic container (like this one), cowl them in water, and retailer them within the fridge. Be certain to interchange the water each 5 days to maintain the carrots recent. Avoid direct publicity to daylight or air, as this will promote degradation.

Additionally, don’t retailer your carrots subsequent to fruits like apples, bananas, and pears, as a result of all of them give off ethylene gasoline, which hurries up the ripening strategy of different fruits and veggies, shortening their shelf life. Carrots will deteriorate rapidly within the presence of this gasoline, producing a substance referred to as isocoumarin that makes them bitter.

If you’re not planning to make use of your carrots for some time, it’s also possible to put together them for longer-term storage. A root cellar or one other darkish, cool, and well-ventilated space can work properly for this. And the carrots could last as long as 5 or six months. They may also be saved unwashed and lined by sand. Or, you’ll be able to depart homegrown carrots within the floor, lined by mulch. They can keep right here and be used at your comfort until you’re heading into colder months when the bottom begins to freeze. Finally, you’ll be able to even put together your carrots for long-term freezer storage. Just peel, slice, and blanch them earlier than storing them in a freezer-safe container, the place they’ll final for as much as one yr.

How to Cook & Prepare Carrots

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Carrots are extremely low upkeep. In reality, you don’t even must peel them earlier than you eat them. It’s greatest to scrub them, although, if you wish to take away grime and pesticide residue from the floor. Whether you peel them actually simply will depend on how you intend to make use of them. Consider preserving the peel if you happen to’ll be making a soup or inventory, or if you happen to’re juicing or roasting them as a result of the peel incorporates a lot of the fiber and is a wealthy supply of niacin and vitamin C.

Carrots are tasty, not solely uncooked but in addition cooked. I like to roast, boil, steam, or even saute them in a pan till they’re heat and tender. You can even eat their tops. As for how cooking carrots impacts their properties, one research from 2016 discovered that microwaving them appears to be probably the most favorable technique for retaining probably the most vitamins, textures, and colours.

And with carrots, uncooked isn’t essentially higher. In a 2003 comparative research, considerably extra beta-carotene was absorbed from meals containing cooked, pureed carrots than from meals containing the uncooked vegetable.

Either manner, you’ll be able to’t actually go fallacious with carrots. To get probably the most profit, and probably the most versatility, take into account rotating numerous strategies of getting ready them, together with leaving them uncooked.

Ways to Use Carrots

Here are some nice methods to make use of carrots:

  • Cooked in soups and shares
  • In salads and coleslaws
  • Pureed into dressings, dips, and sauces
  • Juiced and in smoothies
  • In stir-fries and energy bowls
  • Desserts
  • In candy or savory breakfasts
  • Roasted within the oven with different greens
  • Rolled up in veggie sushi rolls
  • Made into carrot bacon

For extra particular concepts, attempt among the recipes under!

Carrot Recipes

Carrots aren’t simply for crunchy snacking (though they do make a reasonably darn good nosh!). Start your day with Carrot Cake Overnight Oats, an energizing breakfast that takes solely minutes to organize. Create pourable carrots with the Carrot Ginger Dressing that’s able to prime all the pieces from salads to grain bowls to steamed veggies. Or get pleasure from your carrots heat and puréed by making the Sweet Potato Carrot Soup with Toasted Sunflower Seeds. We hope you admire the carrot’s versatility as a lot as we loved creating these carrot-centric recipes for you!

1. Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

Carrots for breakfast? You guess! Starting your day with nutrient-rich veggies might help you start a wonderful day! This in a single day oatmeal captures all the perfect flavors of carrot cake with out undesirable components. It’s excessive in fiber, nutritional vitamins, and minerals that may assist to energy you thru the morning and past. The subsequent neatest thing to this breakfast’s diet is the time it takes to make it, which is lower than 5 minutes!

2. Carrot Ginger Dressing

If you’re accustomed to the sunshine and refreshing orange-hued ginger dressing that tops many-a-bowl of lettuce in a Japanese restaurant, then you definately’ll acknowledge the flavors and textures right here. Carrots give this dressing its fairly orange coloration and enjoyable texture, whereas ginger provides some zest and spice. Enjoy it as a salad dressing, in grain bowls, or on prime of steamed veggies.

Three. Sweet Potato Carrot Soup with Toasted Sunflower Seeds

Creamy and comforting, this scrumptious soup makes use of nutrient-rich carrots and candy potatoes as its base. These root veggies get their vibrant orange colours from carotenoids, compounds that act as antioxidants within the physique, scavenging free radicals and defending it from way of life ailments. They’re additionally each full of fiber, making this soup gut-loving and satisfying.

Carrots Are Not Just Rabbit Food

Carrots have an extended historical past of utilization, first as a spice and medication, after which as a cultivated meals. They have quite a lot of well being advantages as a result of their excessive ranges of antioxidants like beta-carotene. But consuming too many carrots may probably contribute to vitamin A toxicity. Luckily, that is extremely uncommon until you’re consuming many kilos per week.

Carrots are additionally a comparatively sustainable crop from an environmental perspective. And this crunchy, scrumptious veggie can final for a very long time in your kitchen, whether or not you utilize it in candy or savory recipes.

Although carrots are Bugs Bunny permitted, as you’ll be able to see, they’re much more than simply rabbit meals.

Tell us within the feedback:

  • How many carrots do you eat every week?
  • What are a few of your favourite methods to get pleasure from uncooked and cooked carrots?
  • Have you tried different colours of carrots in addition to orange?

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