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Ocean Robbins: Welcome to this Food Revolution Conversation. I’m Ocean Robbins, and I’m so glad you’re right here with us. And we’re right here at present to speak about essential new developments round genetically modified organisms, gene-editing, and what all of it means to you and to the way forward for life on Earth.

And we’re right here with one of many preeminent specialists on the subject, Jeffrey Smith. Jeffrey is a world best-selling writer and filmmaker. He’s the manager director of Institute for Responsible Technology, and he’s a number one spokesperson on the well being risks of GMOs.

He is the main client advocate selling more healthy, non-GMO, and natural selections. Jeffrey’s documentary, Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives, was awarded the Movie of the Year by the Solari Report, and the Transformational Film of the Year award from Aware Guide.

His best-selling books embrace Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating and Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods. You can discover out extra about Jeffrey’s newest work and his Telly Award-winning movie, Don’t Let the Gene Out of the Bottle, at

So Jeffrey, welcome. It’s so good to be with you.

Jeffrey Smith: Thank you, Ocean. It’s at all times good to attach. I like it.

Why GMOs Are Concerning

man in hazmat suit spraying crops with pesticides

Ocean Robbins: Well, we’ve been speaking about these subjects for a very long time, you and I. And at Food Revolution Network, our mission is wholesome, moral, and sustainable meals for all. And you’re making the case that genetically modified meals, basically, aren’t wholesome, they’re not moral, and so they’re not sustainable.

Jeffrey Smith: Correct.

Ocean Robbins: High degree: why?

Jeffrey Smith: Well, the method causes large collateral injury within the DNA, which may create, and does create, all kinds of potential toxins, allergens, carcinogens, or nutrient issues. Most GMOs are designed to be sprayed by the Roundup herbicide, which additionally carries an enormous quantity of well being issues — in addition to environmental issues.

Once GMOs are put into the crop or added to the atmosphere, they propagate as a self-generating air pollution of the gene pool. And the best way that they’ve been accepted has principally been a manipulation of presidency regulatory businesses of merchandise that by no means have been prepared for primetime, ought to by no means have been accepted, and ought to be again within the lab for learning. We’re babes within the woods by way of understanding DNA, not to mention the impacts of adjusting it.

GMOs Are “a Problem, Not a Solution”

Ocean Robbins: Thank you. The promise of the GMO business was that these crops would give us extra drought resistance, larger yields, much less pesticide consumption, higher taste and vitamin profile, and be a internet profit to humanity. But we’re not seeing any of that. Are we?

Jeffrey Smith: No. In truth, the specialists at feeding the world say that GMOs truly work towards it. That main report generated by the UN, with over 400 scientists, principally dismissed GMOs as even related for feeding a hungry world or creating sustainable agriculture.

And there are methods that it not solely works towards feeding a hungry world, but it surely will increase the usage of pesticides, the dependency of farmers, et cetera, et cetera. It’s been a catastrophe. One of the co-authors or co-chairman of that report stated, it’s principally an answer searching for an issue as a result of it doesn’t match.

Ocean Robbins: Yeah, completely. Because what we’re actually doing is creating earnings for industries which can be coming on the expense of public well being and the atmosphere.

Jeffrey Smith: Precisely.

An Increase in Pesticides & GMOs

Ocean Robbins: We have a internet enhance in pesticides on our croplands. We have far more glyphosate contamination, which is an endocrine disruptor, a possible carcinogen, and an antibiotic.

We have BT in each cell of those crops, which after they’re engineered to supply BT, which isn’t a chemical you may wash off, it’s a pesticide that sure bugs take a chunk and their abdomen splits open, and so they die. And now we’re getting it with each chunk. And that could be impacting the micro organism in our guts as properly.

You’ve obtained the unpredictable collateral injury or unintended effects from the precise gene-editing course of itself. As we alter genetic pathways that have been created by a power a lot smarter than us, I’ve obtained to say, and we by no means know for certain what that is going to result in.

But up to now, up till now, most of us have been capable of keep away from GMOs with a number of easy precautions: shopping for natural, shopping for licensed non-GMO, and avoiding the principle genetically engineered crops, that are corn and soy and canola and alfalfa, which is fed to livestock, sugar beets which is half of the sugar provide within the United States… What did I omit?

Jeffrey Smith: Papaya, zucchini, yellow squash, pink pineapple, in addition to cottonseed oil.

Ocean Robbins: Right. So these are, you realize, sure merchandise. And if you happen to’ve made certain to go natural or licensed non-GMO on these particular issues, you massively cut back your publicity.

The Difference Between GMOs and Gene Editing

dna gene editing abstract art

Ocean Robbins: However, it’s getting a bit of bit extra difficult now. When you began working on GMOs 25 years in the past, there have been a number of crops being launched. But at present, proper now, you should buy a do-it-yourself gene-editing package on Amazon and make a brand new genetically modified organism in your storage. It’s a complete new world.

And Jeffrey, are you able to inform us what’s the distinction between the GMOs you have been investigating 25 years in the past and the gene-editing that’s now coming on the market at present?

Jeffrey Smith: Well, the soy and corn, and that lengthy record that you simply described, took place by way of taking genes from one species, usually viruses or micro organism, and forcing them into the DNA of different species utilizing somewhat crude results.


Jeffrey Smith: So one is biolistics — truly, a gene gun. You coat tens of millions of tiny particles of gold or tungsten and shoot it from a gun right into a plate of tens of millions of cells, hoping that a few of these genes will work their approach into the DNA of a few of these cells. Then, you clone these cells right into a plant. Or you employ micro organism to contaminate the cell and smuggle your gene in.

Now, you don’t know the place it leads to the DNA. The course of creates insertion mutation, and it could change the functioning of many genes, et cetera. And then, while you clone it right into a plant, which is the ultimate stage, you create lots of or 1000’s of further mutations.

Gene Editing

Jeffrey Smith: With gene-editing, you insert, principally, two components: scissors and a information. Now you may additionally introduce international genetic materials to place in, however in its most simple kind, the 2 components of scissors and the information. And you may very well use that very same smuggling technique of micro organism, getting it in there. But as soon as it’s in there, the information appears to be like for an identical sequence alongside the DNA.

And when it finds it, tells the scissors to make a minimize. And it’s minimize in a particular approach in order that the cell begins to freak out. It’s like, “Oh my God. I can’t replicate with this cut. I’ve got to repair it.” It sends its restore mechanisms. It patches it, however in doing so, you’ve calculated that within the patch, it would typically knock out a gene or take away some facet of it.

So that is known as gene-editing. And CRISPR is the most cost effective and hottest selection. This is what you get with the do-it-yourself kits. But the method remains to be vulnerable to large collateral injury.

You can find yourself having cuts in what’s known as non-target locations, and it’s fairly apparent what meaning. You need it to chop this explicit gene, however that code it’s searching for, or one thing shut sufficient to it, is discovered all around the genome. And you may find yourself with the scissors chopping all around the genome.

Then, the method of reattaching — you don’t have any management over that. And the cell might seize DNA from the petri dish or trigger widespread deletions, mutations, additions, rearrangements, and there may very well be large collateral injury up and down the DNA.

In truth, one gene-edited collection of research on human embryos known as the outcomes of gene-editing, “chromosomal mayhem.” So despite the fact that it could select extra particularly the place it needs to make a minimize. And despite the fact that the biotech business is repeating the identical rhetoric they did 25 years in the past that it’s predictable, protected, and that it’s pure, the best way it’s being utilized in laboratories is totally unsafe and unpredictable and isn’t one thing that happens naturally in nature.

Why DIY Gene Editing Kits Are Alarming

Ocean Robbins: So are folks proper now truly shopping for this gene-editing package on Amazon and truly enhancing genes of their garages?

Jeffrey Smith: Yes, they’re. And that’s for, you realize, $169. And, after all, the worth goes to go down. The potential for making modifications goes to go up. And then for mail order, for principally the worth of consuming out for dinner, you may get supplies to create new organisms. And while you flush them down the bathroom, you’ve created an environmental launch, particularly within the microbial. It’s not as simple to create a crop, however microbes are a lot, a lot simpler.

Ocean Robbins: Well, they’re. And so doubtlessly are viruses. As of this recording, there’s a pandemic nonetheless afoot. And as of this recording, we don’t know the way it began, however it could have began in a lab. And, whether or not or not it began in a lab, we all know that future pandemics might.

So, Jeffrey, if you happen to get 1000’s and 1000’s of do-it-yourselfers of their garages enhancing genes, what if certainly one of them is Al-Qaeda, or perhaps a well-intentioned one that doesn’t know higher and makes a bit of mistake? What might occur right here?

Don’t Let the Gene Out of the Bottle

Jeffrey Smith: Well, I wanna refer you to the movie Don’t Let the Gene Out of the Bottle as a result of it introduces three lessons of what might go flawed.

First of all, they are often working on a pathogen, which might create a pandemic. We can speak about that later as a particular, unhealthy actor case. But then, there’s the unhealthy actors — even well-intentioned scientists — that will suppose, “Oh, if I do this, all these good things will happen. We can release the microbe.”

And in [the film], I interview Elaine Ingham. She was working at Oregon State University as a professor. And her graduate scholar, who was getting a PhD, requested some native scientists whether or not he might work on a genetically engineered microbe they have been creating — that they have been planning to ship out to farmers all around the nation.

It was a “brilliant idea in its narrow box” that this Klebsiella planticola bacterial pressure was designed by them to show cellulose, or plant matter, into alcohol in order that when farmers end their harvest, as a substitute of burning the stubble on their fields, they’d collect it, put it into barrels, add the microbes, after which, two weeks later, they’d have sufficient alcohol to run their tractors or promote off-farm. And then, they might unfold the nutrient-rich sludge as fertilizer. So, it had a variety of pluses.

And they have been two weeks away from releasing it outside when this graduate scholar confirmed up on a Saturday morning in his lab and observed that the entire wheat seeds that he had planted within the soil combined with that nutrient-rich sludge had turned to slime. He found that that bacterium was persevering with to operate after the alcohol was made. And if farmers had unfold it on their fields, it might have rendered these fields infertile — unable to assist life — as a result of each root construction would have been turned to alcohol.

But then Elaine Ingham discovered from the EPA whistleblower that that they had studied motion of microbes. And we didn’t want a pandemic to know that microbes can journey all over the world. They already knew that they launched a microbe in Louisiana. And in a number of years, it was discovered all over the place on the planet.

One single microbe might destroy life as we all know it and alter the steadiness, collapse ecosystems, and trigger human well being injury.

Jeffrey Smith

I requested her what the logical consequence of this explicit alcohol-creating pressure can be. And she stated it might have been to finish terrestrial vegetation. So not only a disaster, however a cataclysm. And one other well-intentioned bacterium was virtually launched that might have modified climate patterns.

Now, these main unhealthy actors, Ocean — one single microbe might destroy life as we all know it and alter the steadiness, collapse ecosystems, and trigger human well being injury.

Avoiding Microbe Catastrophes

gut bacteria microbiome illustration

Jeffrey Smith: But we now know in regards to the significance of the microbiome for human well being. It has been over 50,000 research in simply 5 years linking the 2. In truth, if you happen to discuss to an knowledgeable, they are saying that we have now outsourced 90% of our day by day metabolic capabilities to the microbiome. And its brilliance is unmatchable.

For instance, among the breast milk in a mom is indigestible by the toddler. Is that a mistake? No. It’s designed to feed the microbiome. It additionally additional inoculates the microbiome.

But we additionally know that the microbiome is delicate. And if it modifications, it could trigger well being issues. Eighty % of the power illnesses are linked to modifications within the microbiome, and the microbiome within the soil and out of doors might collapse ecosystems.

So if you happen to take these 1000’s of microbes that you simply launch — they journey all over the world; they mutate; they swap genetic components. And now, they’re interacting with all of the ecosystems on the planet in ways in which didn’t co-evolve and will create catastrophes.

Ocean Robbins: Well, I don’t suppose terrifying is a robust sufficient phrase for that state of affairs. And you’re saying we have been inside two weeks of the discharge of a microbe that might have ended terrestrial life on Earth? That we’ve come very near the discharge of microbes that might change climate patterns? What might occur if this know-how will get out into the arms of oldsters who haven’t any accountability for his or her actions? And fairly frankly, one thing may very well be launched, and nobody would even know the place it got here from.

Jeffrey Smith: That’s true.

GMOs is Gene Editing

small girl holding stop gmo sign

Ocean Robbins: So, how are governments responding to those dangers?

Jeffrey Smith: There’s, to start with, the generic challenge of gene-editing. The biotech business realized that these of us, you and I, and others who’ve been speaking in regards to the well being risks of GMOs, principally rallied the entire world. Fifty-one % of Americans and 48% of worldwide customers consider that GMO meals are unhealthy and harmful for well being, particularly.

And so, they didn’t need their new GMO dealing with the identical destiny. So their primary precedence has been to persuade governments and customers to look the opposite approach and say, “Oh, gene-editing is safe and predictable. It’s just basically like breeding; it uses natural techniques. You should not even require being notified if someone wants to create gene-edited organisms.”

And Australia stated ‘yes’ to a complete class of gene-editing. So did the United States, and now Canada and the UK are underneath heavy assault. They’re making their selections now whether or not they’re going to utterly decontrol gene-edited organisms. The EU treats them like different GMOs, however they’re underneath stress. Japan has capitulated; Brazil has capitulated; Argentina has capitulated.

So we have now a state of affairs the place, if we merely do nothing, we might anticipate lots of of 1000’s or tens of millions, particularly of the microbial era, which might finish organic evolution as we all know it. And in lots of eventualities, as you simply stated, they may trigger catastrophes or cataclysms.

Ocean Robbins: Okay. Well, we’ve obtained to face what we’re up towards. But we promise we’re not going to remain in doom and gloom this entire time.

Gene Editing Could Replace Nature

Ocean Robbins: Jeffrey, why is it that you simply say gene-editing might substitute nature?

Jeffrey Smith: Well, you realize, we made an inventory of 12 GMO crops a second in the past, and that was 25 years in. But now that gene-editing is so low cost and straightforward, all the things with DNA is being focused: from micro organism to butterflies, from algae to animals, all the things — fungus to flowers. And there’s not solely the Home Depot model, there’s additionally AI-driven robotics in amenities that may drive lots of or 1000’s of various mixtures on a regular basis.

So when you launch a GMO within the atmosphere, it could self-propagate and be there completely. GMOs are vulnerable to unintended effects, so it’s like little organic time bombs. If you set out sufficient, they begin interacting, reproducing, swapping new genetic mixtures. Future generations won’t inherit the merchandise of the billions of years of evolution, however somewhat be skewed with merchandise of laboratory creations vulnerable to unintended effects. And so, you may’t recall one GMO from the gene pool, not to mention 1000’s or tens of millions of them.

And so, we’re at an inevitable time in human historical past the place humanity can simply redirect the streams of evolution. Permanently. This new know-how calls for new accountability, which is what our Protect Nature Now marketing campaign is all about.

And we’re first focusing, as you may think, on the microbes, together with the possibly pandemic pathogens. But the microbes themselves journey, swap genes, and are the premise of well being issues. There are an estimated one trillion species of microbes, and their interactions are approach past our potential to compute, not to mention predict.

We’re already introducing microbes into the atmosphere within the Midwest for soil remediation that might find yourself within the toddler stomachs in Mongolia, and within the environment, and in a volcano, et cetera. And we don’t have any thought what that can imply for the ecosystems.

Gain-of-Function Research

researchers in lab with genetic engineering and DNA graphics

Ocean Robbins: Jeffrey, there’s a variety of controversy about so-called gain-of-function analysis and its applicability in labs. I do know that one of many stuff you’re sounding the alarm on is that while you mix lab-generated pathogens with gain-of-function analysis, there’s a risk of making extra pandemics sooner or later. And you’re attempting to cease that. Help us perceive: what’s gain-of-function analysis? And is that related to gene-editing?

Jeffrey Smith: Well, sure, it’s. There’s a concept that some scientists have that with a view to finest put together ourselves for stopping future pandemics — for surveilling the atmosphere to see if animal viruses are getting near what might have an effect on people, to presumably create immunization methods — we have to take viruses which can be on the market and make them lethal and simply transmissible, so we perceive what we’re dealing with.

And within the movie, Don’t Let the Gene Out of the Bottle, we didn’t have to try to say that COVID-19 was created from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. That’s not vital. All we needed to do is say H5N1 is as much as 24 instances extra deadly than the COVID-19 virus. It killed 60% of the people who had contracted the avian flu.

It’s an H5N1 avian flu. But only a few folks contracted it as a result of you must be round hen livestock for an extended time frame. And just a few hundred folks contracted it. But two totally different labs took the pure H5N1 and made it airborne, which might theoretically create a pandemic that might decimate the inhabitants of the world.

Now, you may suppose, “well, it was in a bio-secured lab.” USA Today dismisses that fantasy the place they report over years, that lots of and lots of of accidents, over 1,000 accidents, have occurred at high-security laboratories dealing with among the most harmful pathogens. Even the CDC needed to shut down its anthrax laboratory and its flu laboratory after errors in potential contamination.

And in the identical week that it found its issues, they discovered a cardboard field filled with dwell smallpox in a storage space in Maryland that had been there since 1954. So there are conditions the place we all know that secured containment is a fantasy. Therefore, we shouldn’t tempt destiny by creating these doubtlessly pandemic pathogens.

And from what we all know, they really haven’t delivered the so-called advantages. They haven’t resulted in stopping something. But they may create the pandemic it’s attempting to stop.

Focusing on Microbes

Ocean Robbins: Yes. Okay. So now, let’s get to half two. What are you doing? And what can we do? Because you didn’t simply come right here to scare the residing daylights out of us. You got here right here to speak about what we will do to show this round, proper? So let’s speak about that.

Ocean Robbins: What’s your technique, Jeffrey?

Jeffrey Smith: Well, we determined, for a lot of causes, as I discussed, to focus on microbes. They are essentially the most harmful. But additionally, there’s not a variety of institutional funding in releasing microbes proper now. So it’s not like we have now to drag up tens of millions of crops by focusing on microbes. And due to the pandemic, there’s an appreciation of the unfold of microbes, the mutation of microbes, and the way they’ll wreak havoc — far more than folks have thought of earlier than the pandemic.

So there’s a political will and a receptivity like by no means earlier than; our timing is ideal. Now, what we have to do — in contrast to what you and I’ve been working on for 25 years of getting folks to eat more healthy, which in flip drives the selections by establishments, meals firms, after which farmers — is we have to institute legal guidelines.

And so, we have now on, proper subsequent to the movie, we have now an advocacy platform the place, in a number of fast clicks, you may ship pre-populated messages, tweets, and Facebook messages to all your elected officers. And we did this within the US in three totally different campaigns. Over 2,000 elected officers have been contacted. We additionally had a media module the place over 1,300 media reporters have been contacted. You might submit issues straight on your individual social media as properly.

And we all know from the political consultants that we have now employed in DC, who we’re working with, that there’s political curiosity proper now. There are folks that can leap on board at present to again new laws. But they and others need extra demonstration of assist from folks going to that and sending the click-and-send. Or higher but, customizing your individual letter. So that is essential proper now.

We know we have now assist in Congress. We’re additionally going to state assemblies, and there’s some assist there at this level. We wish to reveal extra, and that’s simply the United States.

The Global Protect Nature Now Campaign

Jeffrey Smith: Our plan, the Protect Nature Now marketing campaign, is globally conceived. We not solely need each main authorities to dam the out of doors launch of all GMOs, and assign strict legal responsibility in case of launch — and to cease the gain-of-function in doubtlessly pandemic pathogens — we wish the Convention on Biological Diversity, that UN instrument, and different worldwide treaties to put out the identical.

We may also have the chance for state assemblies, and even native governments all over the world, to have the ability to assign strict legal responsibility in case somebody’s microbe enters their jurisdiction, which gives an amazing suppression of motivation for people who wish to launch microbes, figuring out that they should pay for the remediation and cleanup.

So we have now a program in place. And we have now a giant imaginative and prescient, which we will do as a result of we have now created a worldwide motion. We’ve created a worldwide anti-GMO motion. I’ve spoken in 45 nations and helped prepare and work with tens of 1000’s of activists.

So, we are actually constructing a brand new world motion. And this one is aimed toward authorities legal guidelines on the excellent time as we come out of the pandemic when we have to implement the teachings that we have now discovered.

And you’re proper; terrified shouldn’t be a robust sufficient phrase. I don’t know what the phrase can be. But we don’t should battle, flight, or freeze by way of our nervous system response. We may be proactive, and we will say, “Let’s do this.”

And after we do that, what we’re doing is defending all residing beings and all future generations. Our ancestors by no means had that chance. This is an honor, and that is the calling of this time as a result of we have now the know-how.

And what has to occur? We want to vary the connection for our survival, between humanity and nature. We have to be stewards. And there’s the specter of the stick and the lure of the carrot. But that is the necessity of the time. It’s odd that the necessity of the time is to increase consciousness and do issues differently as a part of nature with a view to survive and never perish.

Ocean Robbins: Yes. Okay. Thank you for that. Big imaginative and prescient; massive potential.

Affecting Public Policy

Ocean Robbins: You know, with the GMO motion, a variety of the main focus has been on voting with your , basically saying, if sufficient customers reject genetically modified organisms, then meals producers and producers, and ultimately growers, will change a few of their practices. And to some extent, that’s taking place. We’ve obtained an extended technique to go. But non-GMO licensed meals have turn out to be a $26 billion business within the United States. And it was nothing 10 years in the past. And you’ve had quite a bit to do with that.

But now, with this, with the gene-editing dynamics and the gain-of-function analysis, you’re actually focusing on authorities coverage at an area degree, at a state degree, at a nationwide degree, at a worldwide degree. And that stems from producing sufficient public outcry to say, “This isn’t cool! And we need some regulations here that prevent the wanton — reckless, potentially — creation and release of microbes that could have devastating consequences to life on Earth.”

Embedding the Knowledge of GMOs in Our Culture

Ocean Robbins: So your film, which received a Telly Award… Congratulations —

Jeffrey Smith: Thank you.

Ocean Robbins: It tells the story… It’s a brief watch. Tell us in regards to the movie and the way folks can watch Don’t Let the Gene Out of the Bottle.

Jeffrey Smith: It’s at It’s 16 minutes. You can watch it totally free. You can share it broadly. And we hope that you simply do. It not solely generates a want for motion, it educates in a single fell swoop about what’s at stake.

And I failed to say one factor, Ocean. When dealing with one thing so severely threatening, we will’t simply settle for this era’s legal guidelines as a result of legal guidelines and governments are mutable.

I keep in mind being flown, years in the past, to Poland by the Polish authorities, and giving a press convention with non-GMO insurance policies. And actually, every week later, a brand new authorities was voted into place that was pro-GMO. So there are new regimes; there’s the flexibility for particular pursuits to use stress.

So, along with the legal guidelines, we have to be sure that the data of this accountability is embedded in our tradition, in standard tradition, in faculties and books and movies and whatnot.

I imply, we perceive how massive that is. Our program goes to value us tens of tens of millions of to implement all over the world. We have over 50 allies proper now, and we’ve simply began this 12 months. And Food Revolution Network is an ally of this marketing campaign. Thank you, Ocean.

But we’re going to finish up with 1000’s of allies. Just like folks learn about local weather change, they should learn about this.

And so getting this movie out to as many individuals as potential does each: it will get folks to go and take part within the advocacy platform, but it surely additionally provides folks the primary style, the get up alarm to this challenge in ways in which’s simple to observe. It’s fast-paced; it’s quick, and it provides not solely the stunning proof that we talked about, but it surely reveals there’s hope for the longer term.

Get Involved to Protect Our Future

Person in ppe holding small model of the Earth

Ocean Robbins: Yes. So you may watch it, and you’ll share it with everybody you realize, at You can watch the film. And, if you happen to like, you may take part, and turn out to be an activist, an agitator, an activator, and a frontrunner on this motion. Because, you realize, Jeffrey, you’ve at all times represented to me a brand new paradigm of management on the earth, which is about serving to everybody to turn out to be knowledgeable, to turn out to be empowered, and to turn out to be a galvanized creator of the potential future. Rather than trying to one individual to inform us what to do — and also you’re boldly giving us a variety of knowledge and perception — you’re additionally trying to all of us to play our half in an even bigger motion. It’s a lot larger than anyone individual.

The backside line is if you happen to’re a human being on Planet Earth at present, who needs to see a protected, viable, sustainable, livable world for future generations, who needs to guard nature, then you may have a stake on this. If you may have children or grandkids or nieces or nephews, or simply family members who’re going to be round sooner or later, they’ve a stake in it too. And, actually, all of life may very well be on the road. So, this is a chance, proper now, to get knowledgeable.

Solving a Problem Before It Comes a Pandemic

Jeffrey Smith: Ocean, you might be so articulate. I simply am honored to be right here with you. I’ll add one factor, which I usually overlook. And if folks wish to make a donation to our nonprofit, you are able to do it additionally at And if you happen to do make a donation, please inform others that you’ve got while you share the movie. Because as I stated, the worth tag of this can be tens of tens of millions of by the point we’re profitable. But it’s well-spent. The return on funding is fairly excessive.

Ocean Robbins: Right. Well, it’s quite a bit simpler to resolve an issue earlier than it turns into a pandemic —

Jeffrey Smith: Indeed.

Ocean Robbins:  — if I feel we’ve seen that.

Jeffrey Smith: Yes.

Ocean Robbins: All proper. Well, thanks, Jeffrey, a lot on your work, on your imaginative and prescient, for taking the time to be one of many foremost specialists on the earth on some subjects that aren’t a variety of enjoyable to consider, but it surely’s fairly vital. So on behalf of myself and my youngsters and maybe my future grandchildren, on behalf of all of us who’ve a stake in the way forward for life on Earth, I thanks.

Jeffrey Smith: Thank you, Ocean.

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